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Sabra Hummous

I just saw an ad for this product on another page here. I think this is by far the best commecially available brand.

I see at my market, retail price is going up 25% (3.99 to 4.99).

Maybe I just don't notice smaller price increases, but I sure seem to notice that often price increases these days are to my mind significant.

I mean a product sells for a few bucks, wouldn't you think a half-buck step-up is plenty?

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  1. I've seen that before with a relatively new product (I've only been seeing Sabra Hummous here for about a year). It goes on the market at a more friendly price, builds a following, and then they raise the price significantly and count on fans to keep buying it anyway. I'm not a marketing insider, don't know this for a fact, but it sure looks to me like what's going on.

    1. I like Sabra hummus pretty well too, and I agree that the price increase has been annoying. However, I am lucky enough to score some occasionally at Grocery Outlet for $2.99. It's not the first newer product I've developed a fondness for at a lower price than then goes on to a high enough price that I won't buy it anymore.

      1. If you like their roasted red pepper hummus, Trader Joe's product is almost identical (down to the packaging) and it costs $2.99.

        1. You can also get it at Costco.

          1. They have a popular product that is selling well. More people would rather buy it than make it and it may also be better than what some might make at home. They see the opportunity to raise their prices. Sounds reasonable. Maybe the increase was steep but the price may go down. Depends on sales

            1. It's $4.99 here for like a year. However, Albertson's here has it on sale every few weeks buy one get one free.

              1. At my local place it's been $4.99 for ages. What I have noticed is that it used to be on sale every 2-3 weeks for 2/$4.99. Now it's once every 4-5 weeks. Sadly, I think it's too expensive for what it is, no matter how much I love hummus. It's so silly, because my mother used to make it all the time and it's so easy. Hers was 100x better than Sabra and I still have no idea why I don't make it at home. That and Baba Ghanouj. So easy and so delicious when it's homemade

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                  Tomorrow, I'm gonna soak some chick peas for green chile hummus.

                2. This is probably why they had a new brand (Cedars?)on sale at my local place for 88 cents a few weeks ago. Limit 3, so I got 3 different flavors. But much higher than that, no matter the brand, I'd rather get a can of chickpeas and throw it together myself in minutes.

                  1. I liken it to the Fage syndrome--saw it today at $1.99 for the small carton. Once something gets popular, it's the old "what the market will bear." That said, I do love Sabra hummus.

                    1. have you tried the brand available at Aldi? Its really good and about $2. I cant make it at home for that.

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                        I buy the Aldis hummus and "doctor" it up a bit. I'll usually add a bit more tahini to make it a bit creamier. A dollop of chopped roasted garlic or Vietnamese "rooster" sauce and it's ready to devour.

                      2. I just tried Cedar's All Natural Zesty Lemon. Tastes pretty good, but lacking that hummus taste and feel. Almost feels like a pudding. $3 on sale

                        1. Just FYI: This product has a coupon in the Sunday newspaper rather regularly. If you get a Sunday paper with coupons, it is worth a look. BTW, this product's prices vary in my stores between $2.99-3.99 [in Central Iowa].