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Aug 15, 2012 12:54 PM

Good food in Tribeca?

My husband and I are taking our nephew out for dinner in Tribeca to celebrate his college graduation. Looking for a fun atmosphere but great food more important.

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  1. Marc Forgione is good combo of convivial atmosphere and good food

    1. Fun atmosphere and great food is a tough bill to fill. It rules out Corton and Jungsik, the two best restaurants in Tribeca. I guess that leaves Marc Forgione which IMO has good food and is fun, Tribeca Grill fun and OK food, Gigino decent italian food and fun, Wolfgang great steak and can be fun, Locanda Verde a fun atmosphere the food is pretty good, Nobu is fun and famous, if you have never been there you might find that is the best place. The food isn't amazing but I will say they have the best JalapeƱo yellowtail

      1. Locanda verde, blau gans
        different price points, I have had great times at both.

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        1. For more of the fun factor - just north of Canal on Spring St - is Aquagrill. Sit at the bar and enjoy the lively conversations with the oyster shuckers and bartenders .. More Soho than Tribeca but close....Excellent seafood.

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            Not Tribeca at all actually. It is 100% SOHO.

            Tribeca stands for The TRIangle BElow CAnal

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              I love Aqua Grill, and although the Gforceny is correct about it being 100% Soho, Acqua Grill is a short walk from Tribeca. On another note, I forgot about Blau Gans , very fun place and the jaeger schnitzel is awesome,,,,, so are the radishes at the bar.

            2. Plus one for Marc Forgione - seems to fit both needs well. Food is certainly great (BBQ Oysters, Chili Lobster, and the Halibut "Proposal" are dream-worthy dishes....) and the atmosphere is anything but stuffy. Second choice would be Locanda Verde. Great atmosphere, a little cheaper than MF, food is excellent but not quite as creative / exciting. Both can be tough reservations, especially on the weekends, so book sooner than later.

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              1. I think Petit Abeille has them all beatl for brunch, with great omelets and things like Croque Monsieur.