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Aug 15, 2012 12:32 PM

Adam Richman declares Best Sandwich in America tonight

Tonight will be the conclusion to Travel Channel's summer series from Adam Richman. Click on the link to see the finalists. I've only eaten one of the contestants, Dinic's Roast Pork Italiano, but I like it so much I have to vote for it. I'd certainly like to try all of the other contenders.

What's your favorite? And if you're posting after the show airs, please no spoilers.

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  1. philadelphians in the know regard john's roast pork sandwich as better than dinic's,even though alan richman considered it the best sandwich in america.

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      Agree that John's is better than Dinic's (roast pork sandwich that is). Dinic's is pretty darn good though. The Gustiao and Paesano at Paesano's (also in Philly), if entered, would give any sandwich across America a challange as well. AND an italian hoagie from Salumeria or Sarcones also. We are lousy with great sandwiches in our fair city.