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Aug 15, 2012 12:12 PM

7 days in Cascades and northern Seattle area

I faithfully check these boards when we travel four times per year but have only posted once. We fly in and out of SeaTac Sept. 11 - 17. My husband wants to explore the Northern Cascades until Fri. Sept 14. Then we want to see the islands off of the Burlington area. We are interested in lodging, food and activities during this time in these areas? Any help?

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  1. Things to search for on this board:
    Winthrop, Methow Valley - the main food destination in the North Cascades

    Marblemount is at the other end, but not much there.

    Newhalem is a company (power) town, with ice cream at the general store, and park offices

    Edison - town with bakery (Bread farm) and deli

    La Conor, Skagit valley

    San Juan Islands, Friday Harbor, Orcas

    The Willows Inn on Lumi Island

    If doing the San Juans, you might also consider taking the ferry to Vancouver Island, and check out dining in Victoria.

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      Victoria would be a good day trip. And if you really want to stretch your bellies, just drive up to Vancouver, a mecca for authentic eating (esp. Asian and west coast) before coming back down to SeaTac area.

      May I add The Oyster Bar on the scenic Chuckanut Drive (Route 11), about 20 mins north of Burlington:


      1. Northern Cascades is pretty general. Where are you thinking about going? What kind of activities? Lots of hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and other outdoorsy fun this time of year if that's your thing. I just posted a note about some restaurants in Twisp, if you are heading up Hwy 20.