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Aug 15, 2012 12:07 PM

The Most Wondrous Hummus in Los Angeles

I've been pretty unhappy with the hummus at my two go-to MidEast places on the West Side -- Zankou in SM and Kabab Grill at Venice/Motor

The hummus at Sunnin was great -- smooth, creamy, lovely.

But I just stopped at Hummus Bar and Grill in Tarzana. I think I found a winner. Large portions of amazing hummus with different toppings -- mushrooms, pine-nuts, I had the ground beef and it was sinfully good.

The hummus comes with a pizza-sized thin pita that is perfect to keep the emphasis on the hummus.


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  1. Panini Cafe also has very good hummus and similar pita.

    1. Hummus B&G does have excellent hummus. If you like mushrooms, have them top your hummus with those next time - umami-zilla. Their salads are great as well, particularly with their fresh baked laffa (pizza pita-thingy).

      1. That place is awesome!

        (Killer food, saucy waitresses...)

        1. There's a lot of happy chaos going on at Hummus Bar in Tarzana. Some may open the door and be put off by the noise level. However, we have always had very attentive and friendly service there...even excellent service! Once inside, they show that they really care about their customers. Also, it is one of the few places that anticipates your needs...mostly, you don't have to ask because they bring the extra napkins and the extra plates and silverware.

          AND, the food is delicious!

          1. They sell their hummus at Whole Foods in Pasadena on Arroyo. It is the best store-bought hummus I have had. I'm not sure if they sell Hummus Bar and Grill products at any other local Whole Foods. Also on offer are their Babaganoush and one other item that I can't think of right now.

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              Thanks so much for the heads up about their hummus at whole foods! I was able to find it at the Venice one and we have been buying it weekly ever since! Although we still like Sabra better, the hummus factory's version has much less fat and is just as creamy. But for that reason it tastes slightly overworked, but when spread with Whole Foods own housemade Roast Beef Cold Cuts (Yes people!!!), it makes such a delicious spread!