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Aug 15, 2012 11:53 AM

Recommendations for Folly Beach, SC

I'm heading to Tides at Folly Beach in September for a few days. I've been to the Mt. Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Wild Dunes areas before but it's been years and years ago. Never been to Folly and the Tides seems to be a nice hotel. I'm looking for recommendations more in the Folly Beach, Shem Creek sides of the water as opposed to dining in Charleston. I will be by myself and am comfortable with that. I like fine dining but I LOVE laid back, not necessarily all fried, type of dining. Any recommendations will be appreciated and probably drooled over :)


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  1. Hi! The Charleston area is a frequently discussed topic on this board. At the upper right hand corner of the screen is a search box...if you type "folly" in that, you will pull up many existing threads that will give you lots of information, such as this one:

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        1. I will start by saying that I am affiliated w/ this restaurant on Folly- The' Wich Doctor and are very unique.As per Chowhound guidelines, we have been mentioned on previous threads.If that's not your thing, Heart Woodfire Kitchen on James Island ( about 7 miles from Folly) has a pretty good reputation and is laid back.Also, on James Island in the Food Lion shopping center is a year old place called Pick Thai.Good Luck!

          1. I love Folly, hope you do too. i just got back from Isle of Palms because I couldn't find a place that suited me to stay on Folly, but I'm still a little disappointed. Folly has a special vibe. I was REALLY eager to try Wich Doctor, it looks so great on Facebook where they post their specials. Please report back.

            In addition to the places on Folly that you'll read about, you could go to Wild Olive or Fat Hen, which are on the Folly side of town without actually heading into the historic district.

            I have stayed at that hotel when it was a Holiday Inn. It was pretty bad, but hopefully it's been upgraded since the change in ownership.