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Aug 15, 2012 11:28 AM

Gluten-Free pizza convenient take out--Pizza Pizza, Pizzaville or Pizza Nova?

I have tried Pizzaville and their gluten-free pizza is a bit crackery.
Anyone tried the Pizza Pizza or Pizza Nova versions?
I'd love a descripton to what type of gluten free it is and if they found it palatable.
It's good to know if you want a spontaneous pizza night and have to accomodate people with gluten allergies.
gratefully yours

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  1. I have a wheat free daughter and she has tried all of them and doesn't really like any. Expensive and cardboard-like. Not to mention skimpy on the toppings. Don't know if you've checked out Bunner's (gluten free bakery in the Junction on Dundas w) but they recommended Buddha Pie to us recently. Huge improvement, but they are only open 5-9, Tues - Sun and they don't deliver (yet). Mom & Pop shop. Best value we've tried, and spoiled gourmet kid says thumb's up.

    Also the Magic Oven local chain does gluten free I think. Good but not cheap.