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Aug 15, 2012 11:21 AM

Kosher Offerings at MCU Park (Brooklyn Cyclones)?

I'm going to Bark in the Park night next week with the whole family. I know there is a kosher concession that sells hot dogs, peanuts, pretzels etc. Does anyone have details of exact offerings and approximate pricing? Is it a $8 hot dog and $4 soda like Major League Parks? Does it pay to feed the kids beforehand?

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  1. Last time I was there, a few years ago, the prices were very high. I don't remember exactly how much, but we walked away without buying anything. If you have time, eat before.

    1. Prices aren't that bad, definitely cheaper than major leagues. You are still at a ballpark, though. I think I spent 9 dollars on a hot dog and soda. You can use your credit card at the kosher stand, unlike the other vendors, and they serve other foods, like salad and sushi. I'd stick with the basics. They also have candy and snack type foods.