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Aug 15, 2012 11:04 AM

Two nights in SF -- Chinese?

My husband and I only have two nights in the city this trip, and we already have reservations at Incanto for one night. So where should we go the other night?

We're staying near Bush & Powell -- anyplace accessible on foot or via public transportation is fine, would like to keep it out of the stratospherically expensive category, food quality more important than decor/scene.

I sort of feel like it ought to be Chinese, and I've been reading earlier threads, but I'm still adrift. Five Happiness sounds like a good choice if it's "on," but what if it's not? Any ideas for backup choices?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. For good Chinese at a reasonable walking distance from Union square I would recommend the following:

    Yuet Lee
    1300 Stockton St
    (415) 982-6020
    Style: Chinese
    Neighborhood: Chinatown

    Z & Y Restaurant
    655 Jackson St
    (415) 981-8988
    Style: Szechuan
    Neighborhood: Chinatown

    You'll find plenty of information on both places with a search of this site.

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      Interesting -- I was going to mention Yuet Lee myself! We went there once 20 years ago and I remember the salt-and-pepper squid very fondly. Unfortunately, I've developed a shellfish allergy and wouldn't be able to order that.

      If you were going there, what else would you order?

      Likewise, what would you order at Z&Y?