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Aug 15, 2012 10:47 AM

Australian Chicken Parm in NYC - HELP!

My Australian friend bet me $50 that I couldn't find chicken parm in NYC, since I was always telling him that you can get anything here. The deadline is fast approaching and I still haven't found one... Please let me know a place where I can get one! I'm not talking about a deep fried piece of chicken with cheese and sauce. It's supposed to be a massive, thin, chicken schnitzel with a light layer of sauce and cheese. Check the example below and hopefully the future taste will give me a comparable face :)

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  1. the Australian on 38th lists a parm on their menu.

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    1. re: Alan Henderson

      Awesome! I'm going to try it tomorrow and let you know how it is. See if it passes the Aussie test..

    2. Grifone serves a chicken parm that looks just like that...tastes pretty good too!

      1. Your search is over! Go to IL VAGABONDO @ 351 E. 62nd Street, 212.832.9221. Go onto their website, click on media, and you will see a picture of their veal parm, and the chix looks just like that. I looked at your link, and the chix parm at IL Vagabondo looks exactly like that. Enjoy -- it's really tasty!

        1. Just don't ask for a "parmy."

          1. The Palm makes an unbelievable chick parm pounded super flat.