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Aug 15, 2012 10:06 AM

Restaurant for a crowd near Westin Copley

I hope some of you can help me with ideas for a group dinner with co-workers. It should be within walking distance of the Westin Copley and be able to handle a crowd of 20 - 30. We're not adverse to renting out a place for the evening. Good food is a must, but not everyone is adventurous in their eating. Some vegetarians included. To give you an idea, the last two meals we had in Boston as a group were at Orinoco (a hit!) and at Montien (not as much of a hit). The atmosphere should be more fun than stuffy, too.

Some ideas I've had floating around my head:

Via Matta

Yea or nea? Other ideas?

Thank you!

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  1. I like your ideas, but think you can probably cross Picco off the list (unless they rent out the restaurant entirely?). It'd be a real stretch to get a seating for 20-30 people on a typical evening there. (I love Picco... and so, apparently, does everyone else.)

    One suggestion that may be a bit beyond your geographical range: What about Estragon in the South End? Great food (including vegetarian options), solid cocktails, and I think they have a semi-private dining area for groups?

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    1. re: huuvola

      Well we've definitely rented out places before, but you're right about Picco. I just love that place!

      Good call on Estragon! So delicious and really in tune with the group likes. Thank you!

    2. Brasserie Jo would fit the bill. They have a private room or two, too. Not sure how many it holds.

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        I thought of Brasserie JO, as well. I *love* Brasserie JO, but I'm not sure how happy vegetarians would be there - the dinner menu lists only two vegetarian entrees (farro rissoles or mac & cheese); there are also two veggie versions of the tarte flambee. None of the appetizers except for some salads are vegetarian. That doesn't seem like enough options to me.

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          if you don't mind pricey Lucca on Huntington is quite good and a beautiful space. I think they could accommodate a party that size. Also Tico which serves small plates might work.

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            Well, I guess we're scrapping the plan to have a group dinner out. Thanks for all your help - I'll keep this list in mind for next time around!

        2. re: pemma

          I like Brasserie Jo, but group dinners there feel an awful lot like what they are: group dinners in a hotel function room (yes, the restaurant itself has rooms that accommodate groups, but it still has that hotel feel to it).

          I have hosted several fabulous group dinners at Mistral (and am doing a group brunch in a couple of weeks). The Salon Room is beautiful and the food and service are outstanding.

          1. re: Blumie

            Blumie I've wondered about dinner at Mistral - thanks for the report. I love it for brunch but for some reason haven't been for dinner.

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              I've had some lovely function meals at Mistral's Salon Room, too, but I wonder if it is made available to parties that small.


          2. you might like Lolita for big menu, swingin' spot, just 2 blocks away.They are popular with big groups of young people.

            1. Some budget guidance would be helpful. I like Hamersley's, had another fine meal there recently, but it's rather sedate, practically stuffy by South End standards.

              Vejigantes might be an interesting option: Puerto Rican food, cute setting, very new in the South End, a relative bargain.