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Hiro Sushi...never again!!!

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Hi all,

My fiance and I recently had our pre-wedding dinner at Hiro Sushi on King St. E. in Toronto and I have to say it was an absolute embarassment. We have been a few times before and the service has always been average at best but the food is generally good (not great...good). The reason we went there was because it was very close to where our parents hotel was and close to our home. My finace is Japanese and my family is caucasion and we really wanted to do something nice in honour of their culture. My family has limited experience eating Japanese food so we thought it would be a great experience for all.


We all settled in and decided that the pre fixe meal was the best way to go. The menu was confused as it offered salmon for the app, the main and for the sushi. It lacked any sort of imagination and seemed like they were getting rid of all the salmon that they bought on sale. In the end the food was simply ok.

The real problem was the service. Hiro is a jerk, plain and simple. He has absolutely NO hospitality skills. You would think that when he is behind the sushi bar and a party of 8 (I have 4 parents as I come from a divorced family) dressed up for a special occassion come strolling in and he makes eye contact that he would say hi...but not Hiro...he is too special. The servers there are young but have no clue really. The girl was impatient with my parents right from the get go. They rolled their eyes and sighed constantly. My parents tried their best to negotiate the menu but felt so rushed they just tolded us to order for them.

After we got through the order we thought things would get better and we could relax and enjoy. We had a toast to our wedding and then the servers comes and interupts to tell us that there are only 3 mackeral apps and our table ordered 7 so 4 of us would have to change to the salmon. No other choices just salmon. It was the begginning of dinner service at 7pm and they had already ran out? Unbelievable! We handle this well and say that is fine and settle back into conversation. At this point we decide to play a bit of musical chairs as the families are trying to get to know each other and the young lady comes to us and in an upset tome says that she will not know where to put the plates. I tell her just to bring them and I we will easily figure out who gets what. The mackeral was a disappoitment but luckily the salmon was better (not great...better).

We sit with our dirty dishes in front of us for sometime until the other server comes to clean up. As she is cleaning she stacks way too many plates and proceeds to dump soy sauce all over my mother and father (not a drop or two...more like a tablespoon or two). She says sorry and then does absolutely nothing to help clean up. They resort to sticking their napkins into their water and scrub. They did not even bring new napkins...can you blieve this...nothing and my mom is wearing white.

Then dinner comes but they have screwed up the order and the wrong food appears everywhere. After much negotiation, we have 7 of our 8 plates on the table and then they just leave. At this point my Japanese mother in law had in to go into the kitchen and had to ask for a plate of food. She was so angry, embarassed and shocked that she took matters into her own hands. Again, the food was ok (I mean how good can teryaki be?) but not great and again the dishes sait in front of us for way too long.

Then our wonderful server comes back and tells us that there are not enough of the desserts we ordered. How the hell do they have a pre fixe meal at 7pm and run out of food twice? We all change our desserts like we did with our main. Dessert was decent but still would never make up for this abyssmal service. All the while the "great" Hiro pays no mind to us...does not say thank you...does not even acknowledge us on our way out.

Thanks Hiro...for giving us one of the worst dining experiences ever right before our wedding.

P.S. The wedding was spectacular and the meal was cooked by Jamie Kennedy at the Gilead. Everyone raved that is was not only the best wedding dinner ever but one of their best meals ever. Now that is class...thank you Jamie!

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  1. I bet it was pricey, too!

    1. Hiro has become complacent and his establishment has gone downhill a lot!!!! Eating there around the time of 'Susur' and now ( a few months ago ) was like night and day!!

      1. Thank you for the review. We will avoid Hiro for sure.
        I'm so sorry you had this experience. Best wishes for many happy years together!

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          Yes, thanks for the info.

          Never been, never wanted to, and for sure now, never will.

          Sorry tho' about your experience. Sounds really awful.

          And finally, best wishes on your marriage.

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            I don't understand how this place survives. The last time I ate there was nearly 15 years ago. The first time was because it was around the corner from where I was living. We excused the drab decor and lackluster service because it was so darn conveniently located. The small yet expensive maki were fine, but we couldn't help feeling a bit cheated. The second visit sealed the deal for us. Service was appalling, the place seemed dirty and worn to the nub and the food was still only ... okay. Never returned.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Last time I was there the windows were fithy, food mediocre, atmosphere drab, and service confused. It was and will be the last time.