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Aug 15, 2012 08:47 AM

Birthday Dinner -- Fun with Asian Influence

I am looking for some restaurant recommendations for my wife's birthday dinner (just the two of us).

Something interesting with Asian influence -- along the lines of Ko and Rouge et Blanc (we have eaten at and enjoyed both). Festive would be great, but annoying like Buddakhan.


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  1. I find Megu in Tribeca to be sexy (I always get tarted up when I go there) with very good sushi and spectacular wine list. Though that is more pure Asian vs Asian-influenced.

    Maybe Red Farm?

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      The no reservations policy at Red Farm may not be the best thing for a birthday dinner. Especially on a weekend night.

    2. Sorry, I meant NOT annoying and big like Buddakhan.

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            I love Wong too, but not sure it is birthday material. Also, the last few times I have been there it seems pretty deserted. Does anyone know why?

            1. re: JC2

              Inadequate airconditioning, I think... hopefully a temporary issue.

        1. Ma Peche? Annisa?

          Would you be interested in doing more traditional Asian than Asian influenced, like Kyo Ya?

          1. Jungsik is fantastic; Korean-ish food with French technique. It may be more refined than festive, but it's really good and the corner tables are pretty romantic. And they'll give you a cake etc if you tell them it's her birthday.

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              Jungsik does sound fantastic -- it would be perfect for that night except for the fact that they are closed for a private party. Do you know of anywhere else that is similar to it.

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                how about danji? korean fusion.
                basta pasta? italian with a japanese spin on pasta.
                i don't recommend redfarm. the food is blah and the wait is long.