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Aug 15, 2012 08:36 AM

Small Plates/Tapas in Red Bank ???

After seeing a few posts my wife and I decided to go to RED in Red Bank last Friday for heavy hors d'oeuvre and drinks. You know, the small plates/tapas sort of thing.

We showed up at 4 pm only to be informed that most of the menu, even in the bar, would not be available until 5pm.

We ordered a couple of beers and both tasted like someone's armpit. It seems this place doesn't know how to clean the taps.

At least we weren't charged for the beers, but all together it was a terrible experience and we won't be back.

We walked up and down the main drag but almost everything else was closed or burned out so we finally left for Kanji in Shrewsbury which started serving at 4:30.

So here is my question, does anyone else have a good suggestion for the small plates/tapas experience in the greater Monmouth area?

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  1. Teak in Red Bank offers a selection of hot and cold "Small Plates" on their menu. I'm not sure what their meal times are...

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        Can't beat Bar N's small plates.

    1. Although not specifically classified as tapas, my wife and I have enjoyed several offerings of "small plates", often disguised as half-priced appetizers during happy hour, from various restaurants in Monmouth County: coconut shrimp and garlic clams voodoo shrimp duck spring rolls and oyster tempura sesame tuna

      1. Did you try The Downtown on Front Street? They are perfect for this type of thing and they def would be serving food at that time on a Friday. The food isn't outstanding but certainly good enough with a few cocktails. Interesting choices not just your regular " bar menu" Their hummus is actually quite good and they do decent sushi as well.

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          Daniel's sushi at The Bistro is the best in town IMO - the Downtown is LOUD.

        2. Savanna 10 Bridge Ave., Red Bank, NJ • 732-741-6333 tapas is what they are known for.

          Danny's Steakhouse 11 Bridge Avenue does sushi well.

          PhoLe 90 Broad Street, order from the appetizer menu

          1. Taste in the Galleria in Red Bank offers small plates and lovely wines by the glass.