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Aug 15, 2012 07:24 AM

Recommendations for Cleveland?

Our family of 5 will be in Cleveland for 2 days next week. Kids are 9,11 and 15 and are great eaters. One night will be my husband's birthday and we'd love to find a fun place to go to dinner where the food is good and the atmosphere isn't too stuffy.

We'll be staying in the downtown area and will be visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the science center.

I am open to any suggestions!

Thank you...

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  1. We've always had good food, not super gourmet food, at Southside in Tremont. It's a casual spot with a good variety on the menu, outdoor dining if the weather cooperates and Tremont is a fun area to wander around in for the galleries, ice cream shop, pastry and the like. Lots of good food in Cleveland though. . .will you have a car?

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    1. re: gourmanda

      We will have a car.

      Thanks for the recommendation.

    2. Lola's
      Greenhouse Tavern
      Falafel / smoked sausages at the Westside market
      Pnomh Penh for Cambodian

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      1. re: linguafood

        Oh, those are great recommendations, thank you!

        1. re: farmgroupie

          I would't bring kids to Lola. Greenhouse would be great for the birthday dinner and it's got a more casual vibe than Lola. If you want to try a Symon restaurant, and if the kids are well behaved, you might enjoy Lolita in Tremont. There are also B Spots - one at the Horseshoe Casino downtown, and others in east and west suburbs.

          A great family choice is Noodlecat, owned by the owners of Greenhouse, featuring Japanese-inspired noodle cuisine that goes all over the culinary map. They have an all day Happy Hour on Sunday (and during Happy Hour during the week) with low prices on delicious food.

          Another great choice would be Bar Cento, across the street from the West Side Market, or Light Bistro, a couple of blocks away.

          1. re: NancyH

            You can't bring kids into the casino, not even just to eat.

            I agree though that Lola is not a good atmosphere for kids, but Greenhouse Tavern is ana also agree on Noodlecat as family-friendly. The noodle dishes could be sloppy for a kid, but the steam buns would be just their size and very tasty bites for them.

            I also really think you would all like the Happy Dog. There is a sit-down, 2 sided old fashioned video game there and the menu is nothing but hot dogs (with hundreds of gourmet topping options) and tater tots/fries. It's in the Gordon Square neighborhood, just a few minutes west of downtown. You might also want to consider Johnny Mango in Ohio City. It's very laid back and I love their food.

      2. AMP 150. Yes, it's at the Cleveland Airport Marriott, and yet it's got some of the most creative food in town. Casual atmosphere (my husband and I didn't change out of the shorts we'd been traveling in) and since it's the hotel's only restaurant, pretty kid-friendly. Absolutely top notch craft beer list -- here's page 1 of the 4 page list.