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Aug 15, 2012 06:52 AM

Eating and drinking in Hyeres?

I'll be visiting Hyeres for a few days and would appreciate any advice about any regional specialties to look out for (seafood?), as well as any specific places for dining (under 20€ with a glass of wine, or local liqueur!)

Thanks for sharing any and all thoughts/wild speculations.

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  1. In 2008, I decided to treat myself to the one-star Michelin place in Aiguebelle, 5 km past Le Lavandou where I had to be later for a wedding. I’d read about the chef (Mathias Dandine) and his eponymous resto in the JDD a while back in one of those profiles where he picks his faves in Paris under 35 €. It was a true one star meal with great local, seasonal ingredients; this guy really knows how to cook. The 4 amuse gueules were a tempura’d shrimp, a rolled cuke strip around fresh cheese, cured ham with a toast over it and tapenade over that, a tiny cup of gazpacho, but different from the others I’d had this week. Then a veloute of parsley with a big dollop of another creamy substance, topped with fresh herbs and greens. The heart of the meal came next; rouget fillets with fennel cut like spaghetti and two dollops of tomato paste and tapenade-like anchovies as well as a different Iberian ham. The final fish course was lotte with artichoke hearts in a sauce described as made with pepper and ginger but a lot of crustaceans sacrificed themselves too. The sauce alone was the entire trip. Dessert was/were poached cherries in a sauce and with a sorbet of verveine. Finally came 8 mignardises, all classics and good. The bill, 90 € with a fine ½ bottle of Var white, was justified by my celebratory mood and will be laid off to sources as yet to be identified.

    An altogether wonderful lunch! I’d rate it an 8.0 and I’ll go back when the dollar goes back to par and someone else is paying.