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Brainstorm: Breakfast Pizza -- are you up for it?

I guess it really isn't a brainstorm, but I got this idea for Breakfast Pizza -- real hand-tossed crust pizza cooked in a very hot wood or coal oven, with breakfast goodies on top. Novel concept? No, but I think many people would buy breakfast pizzas.

What do you think?

Right now, I could go for one made with burratta, prosciutto, a couple of eggs and arugula! I guess the only thing that makes this "breakfasty" is the time of day it would be made. ;-).

OK, OK, I just wish the pizza places would open for breakfast.

Wouldn't you go? What pizza would you order?

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  1. We do this often with (all added to a cooked crust) creme fraiche with smoked salmon, chopped egg, chopped red onion and capers.

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      oh yeah! beautiful! i've made delicious scrambled eggs with cream cheese and smoked salmon. your combo takes it to the next level!

      we were reveling in cheap (but very good quality) norwegian and scottish smoked salmon that harris teeter had over-ordered and was selling at 3.49 per 8 ounces (basically around half price). boy, we have been in hog heaven, but now the sale is over. ;-(.

    2. Alkapal................

      Breakfast Pizza. A menu item that has been served by Greek owned pizza places around the Yale campus for more than 30 years. The one I remember longest ago (late 1970s) was Broadway Pizza, since displaced from the heart of the Yale campus to the West River neighborhood.

      High rents and the need to be in ealry to make dough caused operators to offer breakfast pizza such as bacon and egg and ham and egg with or without cheese, as well as breakfast calzones made with the same dough.

      I have seen this availabily in other university communities on a smaller scale, sometimes only during school sessions.

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        I really like the idea of a breakfast calzone.

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          we make them at home for the kids on weekends, just ladel a littl;e tomato sauce or salsa across the outside and it's like eating a Spanish Omelette wrapped in the toast

      2. Honestly, I think this would be a genius idea for a place like Pizza Hut, especially if they're located near a college. Have the closing shift make a bunch of pizzas right at close, refrigerate them immediately and serve them cold the next morning. I would never go anywhere else for breakfast.

        1. I've seen breakfast pizza on quite a few restaurant menus. And seen it in the breakfast section of the freezer aisle at the supermarket.

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            I love the frozen Red Baron breakfast pizzas but they're hard to find... apparently no one understood it, or wanted it. They changed the name to breakfast scramble apparently because people couldn't grasp the extension of the pizza concept.

            anyway they're good if you can find them.

          2. I love breakfast pizzas.

            My favorite is to take a blistering pizza with tomato sauce, arugula and mozzarella straight out of the oven and crack a egg over the top (quail egg preferably) and then drizzle with some EVOO.

            It's like Eggs in Purgatory on a pizza!

            1. Plenty of breakfast pizza in NYC but I have not seen one with buratta. Usually eggs, bacon, cheese, potatoes...That kind of stuff. Your version sounds better,

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                i've never understood the appeal of the concept of potatoes on pizza, though i love gratins and potato-y things otherwise.

              2. during the ramps season, we get a neapolitan style pizza with ramps, buffalo mozz and an egg on top. it is fabulous with the ramps.

                1. This is my breakfast pizza. Canadian and American bacon, mozzarella, aged provolone and of course eggs. Soooooo good.


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                    WOW! Looks great to me. I like the way the eggs are sunny-side up!

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                      looks like a cross-eyed monster from the heart of the sun -- but a most delicious one, for sure.

                    2. There used to be a place in Tampa that was better-known for their breakfast pizzas than for their regular pies!

                      Scrambled eggs, Canadian bacon (or chunks of regular bacon - about 1" square) and cheese, with options to add onions and tomatoes. I don't remember there being a sauce underneath it all.

                      They made a more biscuit-dough-ish crust-- the twenty-something downtown office crowd kept the place going for a long time ( I think they're gone now, though)

                      1. It'd be the perfect hangover food.

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                          see my comment just above yours...

                        2. In Sweden, I had the most tasty thin crust pizza with ham and a sunny side up egg on top that oozed deliciously once I sliced it. My favorite pizza ever, despite the many tasty pizzas I ate in Italy this summer.

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                            It's very common all over much of mainland Europe to get an egg cracked into the middle of your pizza. I thought it was really weird, but there's something incredibly delicious about it. My family thinks I'm nuts.

                          2. mmm, i just thought of an idea when sunshine mentioned chunks of bacon -- our local szechuan place ** does an awesome pork belly dish -- and i just imagined chunks of that pork belly with some scallions and maybe sautéed snow pea shoots with garlic on a crust with a substrate of a mild semi-soft cheese -- like muenster.

                            put the cardiologist on speed dial!

                            ** local szechuan place = "hong kong palace" in falls church, va. (you say "why, 'hong kong' is not szechuan!" -- but here it is because the new owners just kept the old sign).

                            1. Two styles:
                              .) grill pizza dough, then add toppings: spread goat cheese, top with shaved asparagus, slices of smoked salmon and fresh dill. P&S.

                              ..) Top fresh dough with vodka sauce and crack 4-5 whole eggs around the perimeter. Stick in oven until whites firm up. Then remove pizza and add grated pepperjack cheese, diced roasted pepper, and black beans. Stick back in oven for 6 mins. Remove and top with diced avocado.

                              oh man, gotta make this tomorrow morning!

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                              1. re: HillJ

                                they both sound really tasty. i fantasize about having my own wood-fired oven in the house (or even on the patio). i liked molto mario's kitchen…..

                                ps, did you know it is national goat cheese month? in honor of that (heh heh), i checked out a goat cheese cookbook, which i recommend for some interesting goat cheese combos. http://www.amazon.com/dp/1423603680/r...

                                if you can read the recipe titles, that's about all you need! ;-)).

                                1. re: alkapal

                                  In the United States, August is National Goat Cheese Month!

                                  1. re: HillJ

                                    I never met a goat cheese I didn't like :)
                                    they all make me happy!

                                2. re: HillJ

                                  I second your "Oh man"!! Those both sound fantastic! I need to open up one of these places pronto! Even if just in my kitchen :)

                                  1. re: kubasd

                                    Two of my favorite pizzas. The third is fresh fig with sliced smoked ham and gouda added after the dough is fired off and smeared with a combo of olive oil and walnut oil.

                                    1. re: HillJ

                                      walnut oil! yeah!!!!

                                      do you halve the figs or slice? do you have a good brand of smoked ham to recommend? you mean a regular style -- not "country" ham, right?

                                      oh, that makes me think of doing one with country ham with chiffonade collards (sautéed in a little oil, then dressed with a little texas pete vinegar sauce) and eggs with some pimento cheese! '-).

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                                        The figs are plump so I quarter them usually. On the ham, well I've used all sorts even leftover pork loin we've prepared in our smoker. But I was thinking a smoke style ham from the deli. But I like the spicy hams too. Great suggestion tho on the country ham with eggs and pimento cheese.

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                                    oh bless you! here is more! http://newyork.seriouseats.com/2009/0...


                                    …..Motorino’s Pizza Al’Uovo, a mainstay of their weekend brunch menu. …Layered with fior di latte mozzarella, three fried eggs, pancetta, basil, and a quick grating of pecorino romano,….
                                    The pancetta is smoky, sweet, and gloriously fatty, tiny cubes of bacon fat sprinkled right in with the bits of pink meat. The oil-crisped basil, sweet in itself, adds an unexpected bit of crunch and texture. The melted fior di latte is characteristically mild, a subtle, creamy counter to the sharp pecorino. And three quick-fried eggs, once punctured, ooze deep yellow yolk all over the pizza. A lavish splash of extra-virgin only adds to the fun.

                                    … All cradled by Motorino’s tender, puffy-edged crust, emerging from the wood-burning oven in just four minutes and thirty-six seconds……
                                    On Saturdays and Sundays, between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., the Pizza Al’Uovo appears as part of Motorino’s brunch special, notable in itself—an entrée, coffee, and a glass of orange juice or Bloody Mary mix, all for $10."""" <nowadays, it is $14 for just pizza> http://www.motorinopizza.com/ev-menu.pdf

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                                      While I'm not fond of using pita bread for pizza, the photo and simple preparation for a breakfast pizza is wonderful.