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Aug 15, 2012 06:23 AM

Where to Eat after a Matinee Ballet at Boston Opera House--Recommendations??

I am planning to have a girls day/night out and am looking for a good place to eat after a Saturday 1pm ballet at the Boston Opera House. I think the ballet runs about 2 hours, so that would put us looking for a good bite to eat around 3 or 3:30. We would not be limited to the immediate area of the Opera House. Any suggestions???

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  1. Market in the W Hotel is nice.

    1. i'm thinking that's midday, between most restnt's lunch and dinner, so you need a place that serves a good menu all day. Personally (we just ate there yesterday and continue to love it) I would rec Myers+Chang for a really fun welcoming spot (near 93/3 on the edge of the South End, in SoWa) and a good size menu of small and larger plates. Chinese/Asian and a CH fav spot (many threads if you do a search.) Great innovative bar options too. (And if you're really luicky, Chelsea could be your waitress.)

      Otherwise,(sorry I don't know if these spots serve their regular menu at that time of day), you might enjoy Aquitaine - for a beautiful quiet French bistro w/ top service; or Toro, for a casual hot spot w/ a large variety of tapas. or Island Creek Oyster Bar for exc trad and innovative seafood, raw bar, great service, large room but intimate at the same time.

      1. Petit Robert Central is quite close and serves all day.

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          Penang is around the corner from the Opera House and has good Malaysian food and I believe they serve all day. I'd second Pemma's suggestion for Market but that's not "around the corner" nor is Myers & Chang. If you don't mind either a long walk or reparking the car your choices certainly go up. There's a barbecue place just reviewed in the Globe today on West Street also near the Opera House but I don't know it's hours and I haven't eaten there so you might want to check the review and see what it lists. Good luck.

          1. re: teezeetoo

            yes,ebeth, i was thinking of Penang too. Malaysian food is hard to find here. But i didn't know what kind of atmosphere you were seeking, and it is more along the lines of Chinatown.

        2. Seems like it might be the perfect time to do tea at the Bristol lounge.