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Aug 15, 2012 06:02 AM

Good Eats in and around Wildwood Crest?

I did a search on this but couldn't seem to find anything recent. This is our first time in that part of the State, heading there tomorrow and we'll be traveling with three children (one of whom is not really fine dining friendly.) I'm looking for recommendations for places that are family friendly with good food, not too concerned about price. Places with outside dining and views would be a big plus - but the food is the most important variable.


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  1. I suggest you consider Cape May. Very close to the the Crest.

    Lots of other Cape May recs. too.

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      Thanks for the suggestions! We went to Bandana's one night and we all loved it. Great food, great service, we were only sorry we didn't get a chance to go back. We also had one dinner at the Crab and Seafood Shack in Wildwood & it was very good. The garlic crabs and fried butterflied shrimp were delicious! One night we ate in the boardwalk in Wildwood and the last nite was my brother's choice in Cape May, some pub I can't remember the name of and the food was just ok.

    2. Cape May *is* good for fine dining, but there are plenty of good places in Wildwood.
      For breakfast, Samuel's Pancake House can't be beat! If you like Mexican, Bandanas Mexican Grille has great food and is very family friendly. And Duffy's on the Lake had good food and an amazing view!

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        They Bayview is child-friendy .. in fact, the last time I was there I recall seeing a small game room. The Crest Tavern has decent food (no view), as does Little Italy. Little Italy is a BYO I believe and can get very crowded, but my teenagers seemed to enjoy the food (although right now they seem to be more about quantity over quality ...).

      2. Sharky's Feeding Frenzy is a funky seafood shack between the Wildwoods and Cape May on Ocean Drive. It's right on the water, has a pretty good seafood and some other things as well. Most (all?) seating is outdoors.