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Aug 15, 2012 05:34 AM

Where to find frozen ramen? (Baltimore)

Given the dearth of good ramen places in the Baltimore area, I'm thinking about making my own broth and toppings, but I'm not sure I'm up to making my own noodles just yet. Any suggestions about where to get frozen/fresh ramen noodles? I'm talking about the yellow noodles made with alkaline with a great body and bite, not simply egg or flour noodles.

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  1. I have seen fresh noodles at H Mart in Catonsville and Lotte Plaza in Ellicott City. Whole Foods or Wegmans may carry them.

    1. Food Value international market in Glen Burnie. On Ritchie Hwy across from Marley Station.

      Newest incarnation of several international markets in the same spot that keep opening and closing.

      I've been stocking up on all kinds of dried and fresh ramen.

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      1. re: laststandchili

        Ooh, that sounds promising. I've tried H Mart in Catonsville, which has lots of fresh noodles and a reasonable variety of frozen noodles, but none of the ramen variety. If not, I may need to try the Japanese marts in Rockville.

        1. re: daveinmd

          Sadly, no frozen or fresh ramen at Food Value international market. I'm looking for the ones made with an alkaline fluid making it yellow with a great chew -- the traditional ones used for fresh ramen. Closest I found at Food Value was frozen yakisoba that used potassium carbonate. I'll try Lotte Market and maybe the japanese markets near D.C....

          1. re: daveinmd

            Sorry if I steered you wrong. Hope you found something there worth the trip.

          2. re: daveinmd

            H Mart does have ramen noodles that will probably suffice for the genre of ramen that you are craving. I last saw them in the fridge isle near the noodles, but they were in a pack with a concentrated broth a soup kit. I purchased a pack and used them for miso ramen I was making. They suffice. I found better noodles in the dried noodles section at a market near Annandale, VA. They were thin, straight noodles and the package titled them as ramen. They were fantastic with my ramen broth recipe. Not as fantastic as Ippudo, but the closest that I could find in a premade form.

            1. re: armybaker

              Hmm, interesting. Which HMart was this? I went to the one in Catonsville. Sometimes different HMarts will stock different items...

              1. re: daveinmd

                I've found fresh ramen with the packet twice at this HMart. (Rt 40, across from the Giant & the Walmart.) Since the subject line said frozen, I didn't say anything. Check the last aisle near the front of the store. I think they'll be on the left hand side if you're coming from the back of the store.

                1. re: Mer_Made

                  Found it!! Thanks for the tip. That aisle used to be... some kind of dried food that I never looked at, so I don't look there on a regular basis. They have the noodles, plus different sauce bases -- soy, miso, shio. Looking forward to trying it. :)