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Aug 15, 2012 02:47 AM

Do you eat lunch?

What Happened to the Lunch Break?

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  1. 3 days a week - I eat at my desk (takeout or brought from home)
    2 days a week - I drink my lunch at a nearby restaurant/bar
    2 days a week - It's the weekend, I don't eat lunch

    There can be a slight variation in that schedule week-to-week, but that is about average.

    In my office, though, I do see what the linked article is talking about. Most of my colleagues eat at their desk with food brought from home or purchased inside the building from the food court. Some venture out of the building for takeout, but most of that just gets brought back to the desk, as well. It is a minority that will go to a restaurant, order there and dine in, regardless of it is fast food or casual. Even those that will go out only do so once a week, maybe.

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      MonM, this pretty much sums up my routine as well. But I do snack btwn meals or I'd drop by 3pm each day.

    2. I work from home and am a late sleeper, which basically means that, by the time I have "breakfast", it would be considered lunch for most 9-5 peeps.

      But not more than 2 meals a day, usually. And I'm not a big lunch person -- dinner's always the main event in the house, and I like it that way.

      1. I am grateful that I am able to make lunch at home 7 days a week and enjoy it while leisurely reading the most recent food magazine in my mailbox.

        1. I eat lunch at work 5 days a week, either brought from home or take out or a combination of the two. And sadly, it is almost always at my desk. This is not because I have so much work that I feel the need to work through lunch, but because my place of business does not have a decent lunch/break room (despite being a HUGE company) and the area in which I work in NYC is so crowded and dirty that I hate going outside other than to go home.

          On weekends, I have lunch on Saturday at home (which is usually leftovers from the week's dinners) and on Sunday lunch is our big meal and we almost always have it out at a restaurant.

          I am a purist in that I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

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              "No brunch?"

              I leave that to the amateurs. ;)

          1. Sometimes.

            Lunch can be the best meal of the day. I like 'dinner at lunch' so those meals almost exclusively happen on days off from work, so they don't enter the 'lunch break' question.