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Aug 15, 2012 02:27 AM

Raleigh Restaurant Week 2012 - Help a newbie, please?

We just moved to the Brier Creek area (arriving in time to catch the last day of Durham Restaurant Week) and I'm looking for suggestions for the upcoming Raleigh Restaurant Week, August 20 - 26. Ideas??

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  1. Unless things have changed radically this year, Restaurant Week is rarely worth it. Your best bet would be to scan this board for restaurants whose menus appeal to you and/or ask for the thoughts of people whose opinion you respect and just go to those resturants for a meal.

    The RW menus are generally not "special" in that they are just items off the standard menu and the prices usually do not represent any kind of deal or bargain. In fact, there have been cases in years past where a RW menu was actually priced higher than if you ordered the exact same dishes off the regular menu. I don't think that has happened recently, though.

    1. I agree. My rule of thumb is that if I can go there and order any items I choose (same about like 3 courses) and it is not significantly different than it is not worth going.

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        I'm sorry to hear that. In Phoenix, It was an amazing way to sample restaurants that we normally couldn't afford.

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          The same in NYC, at least when they started it in the '80's. I've never quite gotten the point of it here.