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Aug 14, 2012 11:35 PM

Sketch Ice Cream reopens Fri 8/24/12, Berkeley

Read on EaterSF that Sketch Ice Cream is reopening Fri 8/24/12. Ice cream & new food items: scones, Belgian waffles, empanadas, Sightglass Coffee.

Sketch Ice Cream
2080 Fourth St, Berkeley
They have FB page: Sketch Ice Cream

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  1. New location (4th and Addison) has two soft-serve machines with two flavors each. Today it was vanilla and caramel on one and yogurt and Sharlyn melon on the other. I got a swirl of melon and yogurt, both excellent.

    Grubstreet reports hours are 7:45-10am and 10:30am-3:45pm Monday through Friday, 11:30am-6pm Saturdays.