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pork jowls in boston?

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Anyone know where I can buy pork jowls in Boston?

I've asked butchers in the north end, the folks at meat house brookline, and (tried) to ask Kam-man and C-Mart, even local stop and shops, but they told me they have everything but that one cut.

Closest I got was the butcher in the north end, who said I'd have to order a whole case of them. I'm okay buying a few of them, but a case is just too much for me to handle.

I have yet to try savenors butcher shop due to both their inaccessibility and the fear of price per pound.

I find it pretty crazy that this cut is so hard to find, I can find pig tails, ears, knuckles, neck bones etc, but when I ask for the jowls (which I understand is pretty popular down south) I get these crazy looks and people say it's impossible to get / not in their distributor catalogues.

Any help out there?


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  1. I've seen them at Savenors although it is a lot more common to see it in guanciale form which I doubt is what you want.

    1. I think porkjowls would be a good chowhound screen name. Bet McKinnon's in Somerville has em.

      1. have seen them on occassion at h-mart in burlington

        1. Saw 'Pork Snout' at C-mart mispelled '"Pork Snot' and it was on sale too.

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            maybe it was snot...

            1. re: StriperGuy

              Still not as bad as the package of mystery...something, I saw labeled simply as "Meat" 2.99/lb at Stop and Shop in Coolidge Corner.

              I worked as a butcher for about 8 months and I had never once seen anything like that.

              1. re: jefskil

                There's a display of bagged chicharrones at HKM that has the sign "Fried-out pork fat with skin attached." Which is accurate, but...yum?

          2. Try contacting a local meat producer? I know that I saw pork jowls / cheeks at the Davis Square Farmer's Market a couple of weeks ago, but I don't remember the name of the farm they were from.

            When I have asked about less-popular cuts, various farms have said that they are happy to bring custom orders to their regular farmers' markets.

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              (it was Westminster Meats)

            2. Have you tried Lord Jeff's in Newmarket SQ?

              1. My grandmother used to use it regularly and she found it at Tropical Foods in Roxbury.

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                  If this is within your travelling range, have you tried Pete and Jen's Backyard Birds? Concord, MA? I just checked their fridge yesterday. They have piggy feet and sometimes they sell bacon ends. I believe that they also sold jowl bacon when they process their piggies. They also have a lot of chicken feet and chicken guts! http://peteandjensbackyardbirds.com/i...

                2. I'm guessing the jowls are different from the cheeks. I know you can buy the cheeks (gunicale??) at Salumeria Italiana on Richmond Street in the North End.

                  1. I should point out I do not want guanciale; as that would be one of the end products :)

                    I would be both curing and smoking it for use in pasta's / braises / soups / rice and beans etc etc.

                    So just the raw unprocessed jowls are what I'm after.

                    Thanks for the suggestions, keep em coming!