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Aug 14, 2012 09:16 PM

Good fish and chips?

I'm craving some fish and chips and am fantasizing about where I'll go once I lose a little more weight on my diet. Any recommendations? I checked out some earlier threads on the same topic but thought a new one might be better, I don't know if all the old feedback would still apply. I'm open to East Bay, City, Peninsula, eh, pretty much anywhere Bay Area I guess.

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  1. I just found this post too
    Barbara's in Half Moon Bay and Kensington Circus both are sounding good to me.

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    1. re: bythebay

      I can verify Flying Fish Grill in HMB from that list. Very good.

      Also, in Emeryville, Crispy Fry, a Chinese place in the Emeryville Public Market serves v. good FNC at a very reasonable price.

      1. re: bythebay

        It has been a few years but Barbara's fish and chips, (and fried clams) was good. There is a distinctive taste.

        1. re: bythebay

          I don't much care for fish & chips but I took an old salt and his daughter to the Kensington Circus and they raved and ate everything in sight. Rated it four ARRRGHS!

        2. You know, there was a review in the SF Weekly of a place called the Codmother in Fisherman's Wharf, which was a chippy (chippy truck, I think) run by an Englishwoman who does the mushy peas and deep fried Mars bar and everything. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds worth checking out, especially if you care about the whole "authentic" fish and chips thing, which I don't think exists in SF anymore after The Ace closed.

          1. The Irish Bank in downtown SF puts out a pretty good F&C.


            1. I go to Pig & Whistle when I need my british fish & chips fix.


              1. At the other end of the culinary spectrum, perhaps, but there's nothing like ordering a pint at Edinburgh Castle, and having them run down the alley to bring back your fish & chips from Chelsea. F&C

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                  Chelsea doesn't exist any more... I believe it has become a Korean snack vendor of some sort...