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Aug 14, 2012 09:01 PM

Late Night Food Advice for those trapped near Tripler [Honolulu]

I've been scouring the boards, so I apologize if I've missed a thread which might address this issue, but I'm in a bit of an unusual situation. I'm a medical student on a rotation at Tripler, so don't have access to a kitchen, and am constantly getting off work late enough that it's hard to find places in the area still open.

1) I'm looking for daily fare which is pocket-friendly relatively close to Tripler open weeknights after 7pm (I do have access to a car, but would prefer not to have to drive more than 20m for dinner!). It would icing on the proverbial cake if this were somewhat veggie-heavy, as it's hard to eat healthfully on the road.

2) I'm also looking for more upscale places which might showcase local cooking talent/locally sourced produce, but also closer to Tripler.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. Fortuitously, I explored the Mapunapuna Marketplace (formerly 99 Ranch Market, 1151 Mapunapuna St.) on Saturday and found three interesting places to eat (plus several less than interesting spots). Diem 99 Cafe is a place I will try soon. It is open Mon. - Sat. 9 - 8 and Sun. 9 - 3 and has several vegetarian options, though Vietnamese food generally is healthy. Wah Kung (Hong Kong style) seafood rest. has an extensive menu and is open 10:30 - 9 daily. Mary's Mediterranean Kitchen has about 20 Lebanese offerings. I THINK it is open 10 - 8 M - F, but it would be best to call 839-7777 to make sure. N.B. I HAVE NOT EATEN AT ANY OF THESE PLACES, but they all smelled good. GOOD LUCK and please report.

    P. S. Prices at all three rarely exceed $10/dish.

    1. when you say you get off work late, not sure if you mean 8pm or 1am. Henry Louis in Mapunapuna is an old time standard here, not as easy on your pocket as it might be, but the food is good, the service adequate, and they are open late. Bob's Big Boy used to be a 24 hour place, the food was edible, but I don't know if they ever plan to re-open completely. If you don't mind running all the way down puuloa road, Byron's is open 24/7, but its not gourmet, and I don't know if they know what a vegetable is. As for Salt Lake Shopping Center, I've never found anyplace there worth going back to, although some people claim to like the chinese restaurant there.

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        Hey KMan!

        Where ya been?

        A propos Chinese, excellent Chinese is available at Ming's, within driving distance.

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          Is this 1414 Dillingham Boulevard Ming's? Will try it out, thanks!

          1. re: egelner

            Yes, behind McDs, but when you mention that "...I used to live in Southern China...", you elevate the discussion about five notches. Still, the pan-fried special buns and shao loong boun are good dim sum. Speaking Chinese may be advantageous, and some of the best dishes must be ordered 24 hrs. in advance. It is Shanghai style, and they are open until 9:30 daily. 841-8889.

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          Joebob: I was at Mapunapuna Marketplace the other night, and those places you mention were the same I tagged to come back for. Everything looked awesome, but walked in at 7:55. Ended up going to Wah Kung, as it was the only place open until 9. It was fine, but nothing to write home about (to be fair, I used to live in Southern China, so my standards are ridiculously high)

          KaimukiMan: Any time after 7, but like to get a workout in which means it's often touch-and-go since many places seem to close at 8:00. Looks like your first recc is Henry Loui's on Paa Street which looks interesting.

        3. Anna Millers at Pearlridge is a 24 hour restaurant. Typical coffee shop fare, always good breakfast and great pancakes.

          1. Depending again on how late you're talking, Bob's Bar Be Cue is open until about 11 pm, and, frankly, serves some of the best plate lunches on the island.

            Also, Fook Yuen is open pretty late, though it's located near Kapiolani and Kalakaua.

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              Bob's BBQ not to be confused with Bob's Big Boy.

              Did anyone mention Da Big Kahuna? not the one on kuhio in Waikiki, the one on Paia St. by the airport. They are open till 9pm, but not sure how much selection is left at that hour. They tend to run out of bread or pizza crust periodically, maybe they make more later on.