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Aug 14, 2012 07:22 PM

Romantic...close to delta bow valley

Any recommendations for something nice that is walking distance to the bow valley? Interesting creative food, dinner for two with glass of wine $120-140. Thanks

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  1. Since you're downtown, you've got plenty of options.

    I always recommend out-of-towners start with Charcut, one of the great resto's we have going on in our city right now.

    Otherwise, you're close to Divino, Catch, Home, Blink, and Rush. All will deliver a great meal and are walkable from where you're at.

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        Ha, I suppose. I'm typically romanced when I eat good food though!

    1. I'd recommend River Cafe.... definitely a romantic setting. I'll be going there for our wedding anniversary at the end of the month :)

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        Good call... probably the better choice to any I mentioned. I always forget about them.

      2. Thanks for the input. Just wished we had time to eat at them all.

        I did look at Charcut, but I am not feeling as "meaty". Our go to in the past when we visit has been river cafe, so we are looking to change it up.

        We settled on Blink, read though many many menus, husband like that he actually understood the menu at Blink, some are getting very pretentious and hard to understand.

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          I've always had good food & service at Blink. Iirc they have a cozy table for two by the front window--looks on to their patio but is separated from the main dining area.

        2. Just home....lovely meal at blink.

          Started with tuna tataki and zucchini blossoms, moved on to sable fish and gnocchi, finished with hazelnut nougat and peach Melba ..

          It was really good, the fish dish was sublime, polenta was silky and the cauliflower purée like velvet. The tuna appie II could have eaten all night.
          The desserts were great too, would have been hard for one to eat all the nougat though...very, very rich.

          We appreciated the portion sizes too...not monstrous. Left sated and happy.