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Aug 14, 2012 07:10 PM

Charleston and Myrtle Beach with kids (trip report) - August 2012

Hi all,

First of all, a HUGE thank you to Chowhounders for the great tips on good eats during our trip. I wanted to report on the meals we enjoyed with our 2 kids (ages 5 and 7). We are from Canada and were very curious to try "shrimp and grits" and all of the other specialities we had heard about!


- really enjoyed our meal at Amen Raw Bar (best she-crab soup I had on the trip; kids liked the shrimp "corndogs"; and hubby and I enjoyed raw oysters and a yummy salad with grilled fish)
- line-up was too long to get into Jestine's so we ended up around the corner at Hyman's seafood for lunch. I was pretty skeptical since it seemed like such a tourist trap but the grits were good and also the grilled flounder and hushpuppies. We got coupons for the kids to each get a free ice cream which was kind of a nice bonus. :)
- a neat lunch suggestion with the kids was at the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier in their mess hall. The kids loved eating a hot lunch on the metal tray in the 40s era mess hall and at $7 it was a total steal!
- drove to Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ for dinner - really enjoyed the pulled pork and the sides
- we had yummy bahn mi sandwiches delivered to our hotel room on our last night as we were pretty tired from touring. The sandwiches and salad were really good (ordered from Bon Banh Mi)
- had the best cupcake of my life at Cupcake near the Children's Museum. girls loved their cake pops too.
- stocked up on some nice fruit and snacks at the Saturday morning farmers market near our hotel (Embassy Suites) before hitting the road to Myrtle Beach


- was a bit dispirited when I saw all of the chain restaurants but had some ok meals.
- dinner at River City Cafe - actually thought the french fries were better than the onion rings! (I guess they are famous for these giant onion rings). The "continental" burger was very good!
- lunch at Murrell's inlet at Creek Ratz was neat - really liked walking around the boardwalk (food was good not great)
- lunch at Mr. Fish was good (not great). Did not realize you had to specify that fish and scallops should not be deep friend (prefer grilled) so we had combo platter with scallops and flounder with hush puppies. It was tasty but a bit heavy.
- best lunch we had was at Croissants - good salad and sandwiches. Had a nice slice of cake for dessert.
- dinner at Rioz. It wasgood but we have been to better churrascaria type restaurants.
- biggest disappointment was not getting to try Russell's as I was not feeling well on our last night!
- stopped at Chive Blossom Cafe in Pawley's Island on our way back to CHS for our flight -- it was excellent!

Thanks for all the tips y'all. I definitely would like to return to Charleston!

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  1. Thanks for the report. I know it's hard to find the time with little kids. I love those shrimp corn dogs at Amen. Where did you get shrimp and grits?

    I had no idea about lunch on the Yorktown. What a great idea. Nice view, right?

    Myrtle has so many people. This time of year it's herd 'em in, herd 'em out. Glad you went to Chive Blossom.

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      Hi Sue,

      We had shrimp and grits at both Hyman's in Chas and Mr Fish in MB (where they were sort of cheesier). Definitely need to return and try Hominy Grill!

      1. re: jacolis

        Yes, you truly do. I like the ones at Hominy Grill, and I love the S&G at High Cotton and Anson.
        If you're ever on Sullivans, Atlanticville has excellent S&G.

        That Chive Blossom is great, isn't it?

    2. Thank you for the feed back. It is invaluable for people looking for the same type of information and also bring value to why we are all here.