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Aug 14, 2012 06:06 PM

Lasagna Help

I have been racking my brain all night about a lasagna I had several years ago. Please help me locate the lasagna because I might some during my next trip. My details are sketchy but I remember the lasagna was thickly sauced (bechamel), within a few blocks of the theatre district. maybe 4th ave and 46th street. It was a very small place with two levels. It is quite dark with lots of candles. very casual and a very country grandma-ly vibe (especially the restrooms. It won some NY Magazine or similar best lasagna at some point in the past. please help!

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  1. yelp popped it up by accident. they said Teodora. Would that be it ?(well beyond my geographic guess)

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      Haven't tried it, but New York did indeed single out Teodora's lasagna ...

    2. I can't help you in remembering the place. but Cinque makes a really good lasagna with the b├ęchamel on top,,,and the best lasagna I think I've had in Manhattan in the last 2 years has been Osteria Morini.

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        Let's switch gears. Can anyone recommend a fresh, summery pasta around the same area near mid-town?