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Aug 14, 2012 01:44 PM

Japanese food markets?

Hi! Can anyone recommend any Japanese food markets either in DC or the nearby suburbs? Thanks!

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  1. There's Hana Japanese Market in NW DC. Is there anything in particular that you're looking for? You can find a lot of the same Japanese products at cheaper prices in Chinese and Korean markets in Md and VA.

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        Second Maruichi. Excellent selection, great staff, and they can order speciality items. Really good selection of Japanese rices and frozen items. Be sure to give Temari Cafe downstairs a try. Same owner. Excellent Japanese curry.

        My experience with Japanese products at Asian markets has been hit or miss. Sometimes they carry Japanese ramen, sometimes not. They'll carry natto and a couple sakes, but their mochi might not be fresh. Either way, be sure to check the freshness date.

    1. Hinata Sushi Carryout has a great market (St. Elmo Street in Bethesda).

      1. Thanks, all!! you're the best!!
        Shake N Baik, re your question about what I'm looking for, I actually have a friend coming in from California who's a splendid Japanese cook, so I'm not wholly sure what to ask for. Re your suggestion about Chinese markets in MD and VA, are there any in VA specifically that you'd recommend first?
        Lori and Monkeyrotica (and what a splendid handle that is!!!), I appreciate the advice about Mariuchi, and Milocat1, thanks for the Hinata Sushi suggestion! When my friend's in town, we'll check them out. And naturally, during dinner, we'll toast all the cool cats of Chowhound.

        1. Its already been mentioned, but Hana Market and Maruichi in Rockville are a good bet. Also mentioned are that the more generic Japanese goods are available in Korean markets like H Mart and Grand Mart.

          One thing that Hana/Maruichi have over the Korean markets is that you can special order specific goods and produce directly from them. One example is ordering Japanese vegetables from Suzuki Farms, which is a nearby farm that specializes in Japanese produce (they also make pickles). I believe they primarily supply produce to Japanese restaurants.

          On a related note, it should be mentioned that August 19th, Hana/Suzuki Farms are having an open house in Falls Church from noon-5pm: 6531 Kerns Road, Falls Church, VA 22044