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Aug 14, 2012 01:32 PM

North Park Produce in Clairemont

Most recently a $1 store, the former grocery store in the mini-mall on the northeast corner of Balboa and Clairemont Drive is posted to become a new location for North Park Produce. Good news for Clairemontians!

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  1. I noticed that sign last weekend. It will be next door to a Goodwill store (I think they split that old Albertson's into two, or maybe three spaces). That place has become really blighted since Albertson's closed - I hope this breathes new life into it.

    1. great news! I live just a few blocks from NPP on Ej Cajon and it's so great. This location is close to my work, so even better!

      1. I lived a block away from that location back in 1981. In the 30+ years since I've watched the shopping center and the gas station on the corner slowly disintegrate. I drive past that corner every week or two, and when I do I check to see what has changed since my last visit. I'm hoping that the new produce market will prove to be the kind of improvement I've been hoping to see for all these years.