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Aug 14, 2012 01:29 PM

Any feed back on Calliope - newish French bistro in E. Village?

Press reviews make the place sound pretty appealing. Has anyone been?

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  1. Honestly, I was not impressed. The beef tongue was oversauced, the tomato tart was good — but it reminded me of something I'd want for lunch from a small cafe, and the mains were bland (Lamb, Rabbit) and not at all right for the season. We didn't stay for dessert, which was sad because the baba au rhum actually looked edible. This place is getting a LOT of hype right now, and I think it's just that.

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      A disappointment.

      I ordered one of three starters on the menu, only to be told thereafter that it was suddenly "not available" (at 9PM).

      A request for bread was met with incredulity, almost confusion. Nonetheless, it arrived---stale, without butter or oil. Had to ask for THAT as well.

      A side order of veggie du jour never arrived and wasn't acknowledged by the server
      till the end of the meal.

      The appetizer/entree were fine. But I was so put off by the HOSTILE vibe, I could barely enjoy the food and left without dessert.

      I won't be returning.

    2. I actually had a delicious meal tongue was not oversauced (or maybe it was that I liked the sauce so much) and was like butter...well prepared mackerel, octopus, tete de hot and sour lamb neck was definitely not bland, and you're right...the baba au rhum was better than was the epitome of baba au rhum. I'd go back in a heartbeat (though I'd go early...I have a feeling it probably is noisy later in the evening). Service was very nice and attentive.

      1. I just returned from lunch and it was terrific. I had trout with lentils and lardons and it was perfectly executed. The trout was a very thin fillet with crispy skin, neither too salty or too bland. The lentils were great and utterly accented by toothsome and hearty lardons. Everything tasted great together or on its own.

        My friend got the the spicy tripe, which was prepared in a stew with a sunny side egg on top. She loved it.

        I've never been before and will gladly go again. Lunch was fairly quiet and empty -- I hear it gets deafening at night which makes sense with the surfeit of hard surfaces.

        1. I had high hopes when I was there for dinner a few weeks ago but would not return. VERY noisy and VERY cramped seating. My $28 chicken entree -- a tiny chicken breast atop a spoonful of veggies in broth -- was the size of an appetizer. I left hungry and disappointed.

          1. I was there for dinner about 4 monthjs ago. Friendly staff, but not impressed with the food we had.