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Aug 14, 2012 01:10 PM

Getting together with some college buddies in Torrance/Gardena. SSG, or Torihei?

I've been to Shin Sen Gumi Gardena a number of times, never been to Torihei. What's better for a buncha guys who are looking to destroy a lot of alcohol and eat some good drinking food?

Also open to other suggestions.

Izakaya Bincho, Otafuku - out, crappy ambiance

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  1. Either are good...Torihei has the edge, IMHO...never done I. Bincho

    1. If Ambiance matters, GO to BINCHO! they have better beer and sake selection too...


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      1. re: Dommy

        It doesn't have the ambiance that I'm looking for. Bincho is seriously the most docile izakaya I've ever been to.

        1. re: ns1

          Ack! I meant to type Torihei... I guess I do love Bincho THAT much! :)


      2. +1 for Torihei.

        Don't forget the egg with ikura, chicken wings (an order for each guy at least as there won't be enough to share), the ground chicken over rice with chicken soup (again, I always order extra soup because there isn't enough soup to share), and do chicken heart vs special chicken heart. Addictive stuff.

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        1. re: Porthos

          thanks. I love the special chicken heart @ SSG. I can't even eat the regular chicken heart anymore.

          1. re: Porthos

            Messed up and didn't get the chicken wings OR ground chicken over rice :(

            1. re: ns1

              Messed up bigtime! ;)

              Did you at least do chicken heart vs special chicken heart?

              1. re: Porthos

                yessir, still prefer special heart 10:1. The garlic that it comes with is a very, very nice touch and puts their version over SSG's.

                We killed a few pitchers of Sapporo so I had completely forgotten about being a 'hound by then

                we did manage to kill 3 orders of fried chicken cartilage lol

                1. re: Porthos

                  What is the special chicken heart?

                  1. re: PeterCC

                    I don't know what it actually is, but it's a much, much smaller chicken heart. More tender than it's larger brother.

                    1. re: PeterCC

                      Chicken heart is the ventricles. More lean muscle meat. Special chicken heart is the atrium with the fat cap on top and the great vessels attached. Special heart is obviously fattier and richer. I still order both for the contrast.

              2. ssg has the better atmosphere for destroying alcohol, hence my preference for the less inebriated crowd at torihei.

                  1. re: mrhooks

                    I'm not opposed to Musha, but nobody has given me a compelling reason over SSG/Torihei.

                    Torihei looks like the winner so far.