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Aug 14, 2012 11:55 AM

Waterloo Oysters

I was wondering where I could buy bulk oysters in Waterloo/Kitchener area similar to Diana Seafood in Toronto. I've been reading about T&J Seafood and Caudle's Catch Seafood.

Any opinions?


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  1. Have never bought oysters there, but IMO Caudle's Catch is about as good as it gets in these parts.

    1. The asian supermarket in Kitchener (New City?) occasionally has shucked oysters (not frozen) in a plastic or glass jar. I have never bought them from that particular location, but many other asian supermarkets stock the same brand, and they were okay in terms of freshness and flavour. You have to choose carefully to make sure they are fresh though. I also probably wouldn't eat them raw :P