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Aug 14, 2012 11:46 AM

Stone Rose - Conshohocken

Stone Rose opened in Conshy a few years ago. I had not been to the restaurant since before it was most recently renovated and, since I had an appointment nearby, decided to stop in for lunch. My waitress, Natalie, went over the list of daily specials and I decided on the Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Spinach, Sharp Cheese and Balsamic Vinegar, along with a cup of the Potato Poblano Soup with Pancetta. I asked her to also bring a Sparkling Pomatini once my meal was ready. While I waited for the food to be prepared, I walked to the back of the restaurant and found that the main dining area had been expanded slightly to allow for increased seating capacity. I sat in the front bar area, which is set with high top tables with an easy view of three flat-screen TV's. There were several people dining alone yesterday as well as small groups of local business people and ladies enjoying a leisurely weekday lunch. I felt quite comfortable dining alone as Natalie stopped by often to check on me. My sandwich and soup were quite good and reasonable for the portion sizes. The Stone Rose also has a nice outdoor dining area next to the sidewalk on Fayette St. and the large window in the bar area opens up when the days are cooler. I made a mental note to stop by again soon for dinner with family and friends.

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  1. How does it stack up against Stella Blu in Conshy?
    Also, it seemed very noisy when I called for a reservation which kind of frightened me off a bit.

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      I have only been to Stella Blu once - a few years back. When I was at Stella Blu, I really enjoyed the food, but felt a bit "rushed" It seemed like they were trying to get us out of the restaurant so they could use the table for other diners. Just my impression. I should give them another try. As far as Stone Rose, I'm sure on weekend evenings, it can be a bit noisy with the wooden floors, tables and chairs. I find that in most restaurants where they have only hard surfaces, no carpeting and nothing to absorb the noise. When I was there at lunchtime, I enjoyed a peaceful lunch with soft background music and it was not noisy at all. If you do go for dinner, be sure to try the Short Ribs with Mac & Cheese. It's one of their signature dishes and it's wonderful.

      1. re: curly girl

        On the strength of your post, the DH and I "last-minuted it" on Saturday night after seeing a movie in the neighborhood and were both pleasantly surprised. Not only was the server (Natalie) a lovely and warm person but the food was actually a cut above for a neighborhood place. He had their famous short ribs over mac and cheese and pronounced it delicious. I had another favorite, the baked chicken, which was not dried out like so many tend to be. The room was surrounded by some pretty creative paintings and the tables and chairs were a taupy/ivory/brown hue. The nice part was that the rooms are separated. The front is the bar and snack-eating crowd with upbeat music. There is also outdoor sidewalk seating. The back is quiet and cool with a hint of music coming through. It tends to cater to a younger crowd. I don't think the "grey hairs" have discovered it yet. We'd go there again in a heartbeat.

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          Glad you liked Stone Rose, Arepo. My husband and I are "grey hairs" and we have been dining there since they opened. Reviewed it on my blog.

          1. re: JanR

            Hi Jan - glad you are also a fan of Stone Rose. Would love to read your blog sometime. Could you let me know the website address or how to access. Thanks.

            1. re: curly girl

              Thanks Curly Girl. It's www (dot) legoutfriand (dot) com

              1. re: JanR

                As our go-to, have some time, lunch spot, this place delivers. I stick with the Stone Rose Burger and am never disappointed. Great fries as well. This is probably my favorite burger in town.

                On the negative side, it is DEFINITELY noisy, particularly in the bar area, which is very narrow and I tend to always feel like I'm in someone's way.. The back room does have a nice appeal, but seating can be tough to come by.