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Aug 14, 2012 11:41 AM

Night Club with Good Food?

Montreal CH seeking advice on whether we should eat dinner at a Jazz or Blues Club. Or eat elsewhere beforehand and just go for drinks.
Preferred location is south of 30th.

We will be in town for three nights in mid September.

Also am researching downtown restos, using primarily the Village Voice restaurant pages, as they have a pretty good search function.
Are their opinions reliable?

My short list (so far) includes:

Joseph Leonard (do not accept reservations?)
Minetta Tavern
Da Andrea
Standard Grill

That should give an idea of both price point (roughly $50pp before tax and tip and wine) and what we like. Any and all opinions welcome.

I wanted to try Gene's but my wife said "too old"!

(I am 51, but she is 41...sigh...)

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  1. Your subject line is a little misleading... you're speaking of jazz/blues clubs, not dance clubs, which is what I thought you were talking about.

    Overall, you should generally eat beforehand and just go to the club for music and drinks.

    Unless you're talking about the Jazz Standard, whose food comes from Blue Smoke.

    The Village Voice reviews are OK, but I personally often disagree with Sietsema's choices for "best X," if that's what you're asking. If you're just searching for restaurants, Yelp has the most up to date database.

    Joseph Leonard does not accept reservations, and it's not a large restaurant, so waits can be long on weekend nights.

    However, its sister restaurants Fedora and Jeffrey's Grocery do accept reservations. NB: Fedora also has a chef that is ex-Au Pied de Cochon.

    Of the ones you listed, Minetta Tavern would be my pick. It has a great "old school NY" slash "Rat Pack" atmosphere. The menu is the ambitious and they execute very well. I think it might be tough to stay within $50pp before tax/tip/wine. though. Don't skip their desserts (great souffles), either. And they're also known for their (pricey) steak and burgers. They book up pretty fast -- I'd secure a reservation as soon as possible. OpenTable seems to indicate they are already booking mid-Sept right now.

    1. I would choose to eat at one of your restaurant picks,, the food at night clubs is usually bad. The worst burger of my life was at Dangerfield's.. Anyway ,,, IMHO Gene's is old, and good old school atmosphere,,,, the food tastes very old also ,, the shrimp i had there were inedible, a place to avoid if possible IMHO. Da Andrea is great, Minetta is a good choice and a lot louder than Da Andrea, Standard is good too. Joseph Leonard i was not too impressed with. Osteria Morini would be good, so would Bar Pitti