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Aug 14, 2012 11:06 AM

ar valentien or delicias??

Narrowed down to these 2 restaurants-looking for a special occasion for out of town guests including non-foodies. have private room booked at ar valentien and courtyard booked at delicias in rancho santa fe. price is a consideration-is the higher price of ar valentien worth it for better food/view? I haven't eaten at either restaurant.

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  1. AR Valentien. It's not even close. (Although, I will admit the Delicias' patio is a nice space.)

    1. I would go to Delicias. My recollection of the private room at A.R. Valentien is that it's alittle claustrophobic, and I don't remember a view. I'd check it out in person if you haven't already. The courtyard at Delicias, especially after dark on a summer's night, is simply wonderful. The cuisines of Chefs Jackson and McCabe are equally top notch. If Delicias is less $$, it's a pretty clear choice in my opinion.

      1. i know the private room at ARV. It's not fantastic. There is a window but no view. Why not the terrace at ARV? That would be my choice.

        1. I'd avoid Delicias- major service problems recently (now hearing that from multiple people). That plus the recent mediocre food experiences I'm hearing about suggest avoiding it all together again.

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              Horrible service, mediocre food, expensive.

          1. Chef McCabe took over Delicias recently so most of the people who say "Kitchen 1540" probably mean Delicias (at least if you're talking about the savory food).

            Kitchen 1540 has a great bartender and Pastry Chef though....

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              I heard (but haven't tried yet) that the new chef is doing great things with their new menu. Some of the pics from sous chef Bautista look very good