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Shellfish Sue (Lansdale)

Just opened in the space formerly occupied by the Thyme for Tea. Any chowhounds visit yet?

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  1. I've been curious about that place too.

    1. I somehow missed that it opened this weekend; just saw it open last night and am thinking about walking over later today just to see what's what.

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        didja go? Dying for someone to be the guinea pig!

        (I would go tonight, but I have a previous engagement)

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          Eep, not yet - forgot I had a meeting yesterday afternoon and when I got home around dinnertime I was faced with fish in the fridge that needed to be cooked, so going out for seafood didn't seem to make quite as much sense! :)

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            ca262626, you're going to make me the guinea pig aren't you?

            Ok... so I will see if I can get there Friday night, (I can't find a menu online anywhere)
            they do takeout as well as sit down, right??

      2. Anyone know the menu?...and more.do they have Fried Clams?

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          Nope, no fried clams. I have the menu in front of me and there are actually a good number of non-shellfish items (tuna, cod, whiting, catfish) and some shellfish (mussels, crab, shrimp) but no clams at all.

        2. Sitting here right now, signed up for this site just so I could post !!! SO SO good! Really nice owner too! Go- it doesn't disappoint !!

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            We hounds do love our details m2. More info if you plz

          2. I would like to try this place and probably will in the near future. A little puzzled by the "people" who have been and posted... no chow histories at all.... curious. Anyway, since the restaurant doesn't have a website, does anyone know what's on the menu, price range, hours, etc.? "unique menu", "so good", and "nice owner" doesn't really provide much to go on...

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              They are on facebook.. check there. If nothing post a question.

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                I can't find them on Facebook. Can you please tell me where they are on Facebook. Thanks.

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                Hey there Snowcat! I just joined the site, true foodie at heart, have always read just never posted. I went today for a late lunch, we had the fried shrimp platter, the fish and chips platter and the Chesapeake crab cake. I think what we liked most was the freshness and how light the food was, often times when things are fried they taste greasy and heavy, not the case here. Seasoning on things were good as well. It's nice to have a good seafood place so close. The menu isn't extensive, but we did speak to the owner, and he mentioned he would be rotating some items seasonally . We really liked it and I think it's good to support local businesses especially when they are quality. Ultimately that is what made me create a profile today. Hope that helps answer some questions, would love to hear others thoughts !

              3. My wife and I stopped in this evening for a quick bite. The decor is nothing special, some high top tables and a few low-top 4 seaters, but we weren't there for the decor. The menu consists of items like mussels, fish and chips, crab cakes, crab legs, and sandwiches. I had the chesapeake crab cake special (all claw meat, there is also an all lump crab version) which came with freshly made fries. My wife had the fish and chips, which is customizable (pick either catfish, tilapia, or cod and your selection of tartar sauce) and is made with a tempura batter. The fish and chips was $10 and the crab cake was $9. Both meals were freshly made and very tasty. The owner Rene stopped over to introduce himself and frequently stopped by to inquire if we needed anything. We found him very personable and someone who took pride in his food. The pickles, slaw, and potato salads are all homemade and we enjoyed all of them. The menu prices were about $9-15 for entrees and $5 for sides. Drinks were self-serve from the cooler in the back.

                This is definitely a no-frills place, the focus is on the food, and we enjoyed it. It is also a BYO, so feel free to bring a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer to enjoy with your meal! Rene noted that for only being open for 2 weeks, business is fairly brisk and he can't complain. We missed out on the lobster mac and cheese, so apparently you need to get there early to get some, as it appears to be one of their best sellers. Open until 9pm Tues-Sat, only until 5pm on Mondays, and closed Sundays.

                We will definitely be back, as we loved the food, and we can't wait to try some of the other items on the menu! We hope this business thrives in downtown Lansdale, as it provides a much needef jolt to the main street area! We already envision ourselves having dinner at Shell.Fish.Sue, dessert at Tabora, and an after-dinner drink at Round Guys Brewery, all within the span of a few blocks!

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                  Thanks for the descriptions. Sounds a lot like Captain Bob's in Quakertown. I love that place but it is kind of a hike, and the next thing you know I would be stopping at the Qmart for sticky buns and I might never make it home. I'm so trying this place!

                2. Thanks for the new updates! Sounds great!

                  1. I thought maybe for a minute that this was going to be like "RIck's seafood" only up here at home (a fish monger that also cooks, best of both worlds)
                    so it's just a restaurant? that's okay with me if the food is good
                    Thank you to all the guinea pig ch'ers that have already gone and posted about it

                    can't wait to give them a try

                    1. Just finished a bodacious to go order. /pats tummy. One of the specials was cod fish and chips with regular fries and another was a crab cake with dirty fries. My total was just a bit over twenty bucks and I'm happy. The cod was crunchy and had that creaminess I can't seem describe when the fish is ridiculously fresh. It was not a bit greasy. The crab cake was not greasy either and loaded with crab.
                      My friend and I both preferred the regular fries but the dirty fries were not bad at all. I want to try the shrimp po boy and the lobster mac on friday but that fish and chips. Such a simple meal and yet so hard to get it just right. They nailed it.
                      I also saw king crab legs in the case as well as potato salad and raw crab cakes to take home and cook. This is gonna be just like pumpernik's for me. I can't not order the roast beef special there! I'm doomed I tells ya! Doomed to order the cod fish and chips eternally. My only hope is to take John and steal a bite of his food. He loves lobster mac and cheese. Who needs variety when you can have perfection?

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                        Can you compare the crab cake to Captain Chucky's? Is there a lot of filler? And what makes the fries dirty? Is that their name for crab fries so they do not get sued by Chickie and Petes?

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                          Captain Chucky's makes some darn good crab cakes! (though I'm not a fan of all of their flavors, they are ALL packed with big hunks of crab)

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                            Cwdonald, the crab cake was small and falling apart because there was not much binding it together. Capt. Fluffies (as John calls them) is better but you have to cook it yourself. The raw crab cakes for sale in Sue's case were small also.
                            Yeah the fries did not have the Old Bay Seasoning. I was just talking to John about his meal this past saturday at Chickie and Petes in Quakertown He got some abomination of a sandwich where one of the shrimp had a strong amonia taste and he mentioned them suing over the crabbie fries. I didn't believe him but I guess the boy was right.
                            Both orders of fries from Sue's were tasty, fresh, long stringy and tasted like potato. Since I love the taste of potato I felt the dirty fries were gilding the lily.

                        2. We took a drive out to Lansdale last night, based on the posts here. We loved Shelffish Sue and will be back. Both had fish and chips, with a side of Sue's slaw. Rene gave us a complimentary plate of the potatoe salad, which was really good. Also, based on posts here, stopped at Tabora Farms and picked up a canolli and peach turnover. Both terrific. Thanks guys.

                          1. Sitting here now with my daughter, waiting for fish & chips, mussels and crab cake. Renee gave us a sample of the slaw... tasty, fresh, tangy. I like it. The potato salad sample was better than home made ( and I make good tater salad). Super nice service, can't wait to get the food home and chow down

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                              Baltimore crab cake is very good... small but delicious qand has a kick. Mussles in whire wine were perfectly cooked, very tasty, loved loved loved them. The fish & chips renee suggested whiting. Lightly cooated, not a heavily battered piecce of fish. Unfortunately by the time I got everything home the fries got a little soggy... hand cut real potatoes, great flavor and I like the seasoninng. We will definately be back for the lobster mac & cheese

                            2. Stopped by on friday with John for a lobster mac and cheese to go. Was a generous portion with nice chunks of lobster. The pasta was pencil points. I liked the way the cheese and seasoning complemented the delicate lobster meat
                              John was too full from his favorite orzo pasta salad from Tabora to try any, so I ate half when we reached our destination, and half as a bodacious late night snack. It was 15.90 with tax but you do get plenty.

                              1. Finally had a chance to visit. Delicious and yes, the owner is very nice. I ordered the fish (cod) and chips and the Baltimore crab cake (made with lump crab meat). The fish was seasoned perfectly and fried in a light tempura batter. Fries are very yummy and addicting. I picked the Italian salt and am planning on trying some of the other salt choices on future visits. The crab cake was good, but on the small side. All in all, you can definitely taste the quality.

                                1. Had dinner there last night. The food in general was tasty. The one person in the store taking care of customers was friendly as mentioned. The place will serve well as a neighborhood seafood quick-bite kind of place.

                                  2 adults and 1 child. We ordered crab cake, fish (2 pieces of whiting) with fries and a shrimp basket. When the food came, we were surprised - plenty of french fries (delicious) but disproportionally scanty on the seafood. For example, the 6 jumbo shrimps turned out to be medium-sized at best and they were not deveined; the 2 fish pieces in tempera batter were small; the single crab cake looked very lonesome by itself on that plate. Total bill was around $30.

                                  Guess my preference is to have more seafood, less fries and pay a higher price.

                                  1. OK, so I'm not a big fan of shellfish, so this isn't a place I'd visit. However, mom loves all things from the sea. So today my cousin came for a visit and she and mom went to Shellfish Sue.

                                    My cousin (full disclosure: she *loves* every restaurant) wanted to order the ahi tuna salad, but they had no ahi tuna today (they did explain why). But the very nice owners said they would make it with 6 jumbo shrimp. She declared it the best shrimp she has ever had.

                                    Mom (full disclosure: she is very discriminating, *especially* when it comes to crab cakes) had the Baltimore crab cake and dirty fries. She would have preferred the fries a little crisper on the outside, but they were good. But she loved the crab cake--all crab, very little filler. I can't remember the last time she gave such high praise to a crab cake. She goes to the hairdresser every Friday in Lansdale and is already planning to stop on her way home this Friday for more crab cakes. (Bonus for me--she promised to also stop at Tabora and get me a chocolate raspberry danish for Saturday's breakfast :)

                                    Mom and cousin are both petite women and so actually liked the fact the portions were manageable for them.

                                    They were also impressed by the owners--very friendly, very proud of the sourcing of their ingredients and very eager to work with them given today's absence of ahi.

                                    My only question? When did ahi tuna become shellfish ;)

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                                      Thanks for all of the info. I passed this last week while on my way to the new Tabora Farms. Will definitely check it out soon. Can't wait to try the Fish & Chips. In the meantime, they now have a website, which posts daily specials. www.shellfishsue.com

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                                        Thanks for the website curly . . . mom has already marked it as a favorite. And she is still talking about that crabcake (she'll now order two--they're small, but all crab-- and skip the fries ;)

                                    2. Well I went there a week ago Friday night and was terribly disappointed. Since the last post things have really gone downhill here or perhaps I ordered the worst two things on the menu. I asked the server which of the two (Maryland or Chesapeake) crabcakes he recommended and I was told the Chesapeake. It was a nice size crabcake, but 7/8s filler. Couldn't tast any crab. Seemed like any store bought defrosted crabcake. I also had their seafood bisque and didn't like it. Strange taste!

                                      I was very disapointed because I really wanted them to succeed. Lansdale could use a good seafood restaurant and Shellfish Sue's menu seemed outstanding. Apoparently, I am not the only one staying away. I was there by myself on a Friday in Lent at 6:30pm. About halfway through my meal another couple ventured in and sadly I heard the women get the same reply from the waiter when she asked about the crabcales. Heard her complaining after her first bite as I exited the door.

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                                        I haven't been there in a couple of months, but have been there probably 10 times before that. Always thought everything I ordered was good, mostly sandwiches and fries, and some very good. The owners are charming.

                                        But it's not cheap, and I haven't ordered the crab cakes a second time, since they seemed very small for the price and I greatly prefer Capt'n Chucky's crab cakes (I hear they may be opening a branch in Lansdale!).

                                        Would like them to succeed, but these "labor of love" sort of places have a high failure rate. Either the food has to be "worth driving to" stellar, or the prices dirt cheap, in order for them to be successful. Not having easy parking is also a challenge (I usually park and buy something at CVS across the street before walking over to Sue's).

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                                          I haven't been there in awhile either. I was just getting a craving for a good fish n chips. Parking can be tricky, even for someone like me who knows her way around lansdale. Last time I think I parked in the big parking area near Arnold's Way.
                                          I did notice they are selling crab cakes at the new deli and bakery in the same shopping center with the subway and maggie moos next to the burger king in lansdale. On friday they were even selling crab cake sandwiches but they cut off their hot food at five pm. Anyone try their crab cakes?