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25th Birthday Dinner Restaurant

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Gearing up to celebrate my 25th birthday and looking for some suggestions. Hoping for downtown tapas or mexican with great food and drinks. Looking to spend around $60pp with food and drinks. We're going to be 4-6 people, and want somewhere fun and not too pretentious, but still a "nice" place. I love cozy, sometimes hidden places-- exposed brick and dark. Someone suggested Barrio Chino, but they only take reservations for 8+. Any thoughts on The Ten Bells, Boqueria Soho or Rayuela? Very open to your suggestions!

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  1. How about Kuma Inn? Korean-Filipino small plates. It's on the 2nd floor of a building and somewhat hidden. And it's BYOB last time I checked.

      1. Check out Taqueria Lower East Side. Some of the city's best margaritas + great Mexican food at very affordable prices.

        1. Have you look into either of the Empellon restaurants (Cocina or Taqueria)? Excellent food, nice atmosphere, very good service. Check it out.