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Aug 14, 2012 10:25 AM


Four of us will be driving from Montreal to Charlevoix (we are staying just north-east of Baie St. Paul in St. Joseph de la Rive) next week for four nights. After trolling this board's invaluable stores of information, we have made a reservation at Mouton Noir, plan to at least have a beer at St. Pub, and are planning to make a reservation at Vices et Versa in Malbaie. There are still some questions that I have that I thought someone here might have ideas about:

1) We'll be driving from Montreal to St. Joseph on Wednesday during the day. Are there any spots along that drive (a detour is fine, especially a pretty one) where we might be able to pick up an interesting lunch?

2) We'll be exploring around the area on the other days. We tend to plan around food so if there are any lunch spots or markets or any other food stops that are worth making around the Haut Gorges, Saguenay, Tadoussac, or in the Laurentians, it would be great to put them on our map.

3) As far as dinner goes, are there any other not to be missed gems. We had thought about seeking out a cabane a sucre, but have found most of the info out there to be offputtingly touristy. Are there good local spots worth stopping in St. Joseph itself or across the ferry on L'Isle aux Coudres? Any and all ideas would be welcome.

Thanks so much in advance.

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  1. Try the Saint-Laurent restaurant in Le Fairmont Manoir Richelieu. We had an amazing dinner there earlier this summer. It's much better priced than the very upscale Le Charlevoix there, but also more interesting and unique. You can even enjoy a great walk before/after dinner in the hotel estate, it's breathtaking. You'll have a great meal and experience, I guarantee it.

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      Absolute affirmation of the praise for the Saint-Laurent, but we also enjoyed the Charlevoix. In Tadoussac we liked Cafe Boheme for both their coffees and for little bites. Not far from the ferry.

    2. did you find any gems? I am on my way to the area, maintenant!

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        I loved Le Mouton Noir in Baie St-Paul. Service was friendly, ambiance was terrific, food was absolutely beautiful.

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          Thanks. I liked that as well. I like L'Estampilles...for your next time there. I am eager to go up there again next week! All the way to the fjord.

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            we have very fond memories of several visits to this region including a couple meals at Le Moutin Noir and a couple of days on Isle aux Coudres, and a camping visit to Saguenay and Tadoussac, but it has been several years..The St. Laurent around Baie St Paul and Isle aux Coudres/St Joseph is particularly scenic - we did not like the towns farther along quite as well. although the Saguenay and the national park there are impressive and worth seeing. Also of interest are the amazing wild mountains in the Grand Jardin park, north of Baie St Paul. Im sure you have seen these Quebec regional guides, but maybe some of the places on the "flavour trail" will give you some new ideas for stops.

            I will look forward to new reports from this region.