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Aug 14, 2012 09:32 AM

Suggestions for Pizza Tour of Manhattan

Been living here for 7 years and I haven't had any of the pizzas the city has to offer..any suggestions of what places i should visit?

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  1. Very tough question to answer without knowing your preferences, tolerance for wait times, etc. Although if you don't eat pizza a lot, you might not have any preferences yet!

    One thing to note is that overall IMO the "whole pie" places are better than the "slice joints," but slice joints also can satisfy a craving now and again.

    I like these posts on Slice:

    Pizza is a very contentious subject, of course, often with gold standards formed by the pizza of your childhood etc.

    My advice to you is to try a lot of different places and styles and see what you like!

    1. I'm a big fan of Motorino (which has a great lunch deal) and Arturo's. Keste is delicious, but not to everyone's liking. Co. is good too, and probably the most expensive of the bunch.

      Favorite slice is Joe's, right near GROM, in Greenwich Village. Fresh out of the oven is best, but if they are going to reheat your slice, tell them to put it in there for 30 seconds.

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      1. re: mitchleeny

        +1 on Motorino. The brussel sprout pie may be the best pie I ever had.

      2. If you live in Manhattan you are blessed with a plentitude of fabulous and diverse pizza. Forget about a "tour" and just try a different place each day.
        Lots of suggestions here on CH.
        I never say "best" since there are so many choices but my favorites are John's on Bleecker St, Vezzo, Artichoke and in Brooklyn, Lucali!!
        After hearing all of the hype we tried Grimaldi in Brooklyn. Good pizza but not worth the wait on line. They have set up shop in the Old Church on 6th Ave.

        1. It really depends on the kind of pizza.
          I'm Italian, so obviously for me the only dish I call pizza is the italian one ;-)

          That being said, if you want to try "real" pizza (or at least what I call "real") in Manhattan I'd go to:

          Forcella (Bowery) classic neapolitan style, good ingredients
          Kestè (west village) again Neapolitan style, some pies have less traditional ingredients but always top notch
          Numero 28 (west village) a little bit more toward the roman style, less soggy, a little more crunchy
          Numero 28 by the slice (soho) roman style pizza by the slice, squared, thin and crispy, really good and definitely something different compared to the normal slices

          I tried almost all of the others, from motorino to co., Grimaldi, john's, joe's, luzzo, etc etc and I'd never go back to any of them..

          Roberta's in Brooklyn is great too..

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          1. re: alepenazzi

            You'd never go back to any of them why?

            Isn't Forcella deep fried?

            1. re: mitchleeny

              Only 1-2 of the Forcella pizzas are fried, the rest of the menu is Neopolitan, similar to Keste.

              1. re: kathryn

                I like Forcella's regular pizza better than the fried, but if they didn't tell you the fried was fried , it is hard to tell. It is fried and baked not just fried.

              2. re: mitchleeny

                Because I'm really picky and spoilt when it comes to pizza..

                Which means that I'm eating it only where I know that I'm going to enjoy it.. And in all those "classic" places I only found good enough pizza. But nothing to go back for..

                I know it may sound pretentious, but I had too much good pizza in Italy in the first 27 years of my life to eat a "good enough" one.. ;-)

              3. re: alepenazzi

                It's amazing that you won't go back to Grimaldi, or john's both are decent. Luzzo is pretty bad. Motorino and co. are probably the best there is. Numero 28 is horrible pizza ( soho).

                "I'm Italian, so obviously for me the only dish I call pizza is the italian one ;-)"
                I'm curious as to what that means. Numero 28 doesn't even resemble any pizza they make in Italy. You're Italian, you mean you were born in Italy?

                1. re: foodwhisperer

                  Nope, it means I was born and grew up in Italy until I was 27 and then I moved to New York three years ago.. (and I'm still going back every few months)

                  The pizza at numero28 in soho is exactly like the pizza "by the slice" that you would eat in Italy in many places, we call it "pizza al taglio", it's different from the one you can eat in normal pizzerie and it's the only one cooked in an electric oven.
                  Actually we don't really eat pizzas by the slice in the American way (meaning a slice cut out of a pie), in Italy it's either the whole pie or the squared slices cooked to order for take away.
                  The only slices out of a pie you can find are in real touristic places or in the highway service areas..

                  I think both John's and Grimaldi are Italian-American pizzas.. The mozzarella doesn't taste like the mozzarella we usually use and the tomato sauce is a little too much on the sweet side.
                  The crust is ok, but at John's the border are too thin for my liking and at Grimaldi it didn't tasted right when I went there... Crispy but in a dry way I didn't like..

                  But more than that is the feeling that I'm not eating a pizza.. I know I'm really bad at this but I loved pizza since I was born and I'm really picky..

                  1. re: alepenazzi

                    Where are you from in Italy? the pizza does vary in Italy from area to area. I do respect your opinion. and I agree that the only places I've ever seen the triangle type slices in Italy were in tourist areas. The pizza in Pisa is my favorite and the crust is thin and tasty and the sauce not too sweet. As far as the square slices, if you have not tried Gran Daisy or Sullivan St. try them. They are excellent. The owner studied for a long time in Italy how to get the pizza and his bread right. He had the oven specially built in Italy. I'm curious about your opinion of that pizza, and compared to Numero 28 pizza. I will try Numero 28 again. I tried it only once and was disappointed, it was kind of soggy , so maybe it was a very humid day . I will give it another shot.

                    1. re: foodwhisperer

                      I'm from Verona, in the north east but I've studied for 3 years in Milan and 2 years in Rome.

                      I love grand daisy and it's actually quite a sad news that the Sullivan street location just closed.. It was my everyday place where to buy bread.. They have some really good focaccia (or pizza bianca) and I love them, I'm not usually comparing them to other pizza spots because it's a bakery more than a pizza place..

                      Número28 can be bad depending on the freshness of it too, if it was made more than half an hour earlier the crust get too crunchy.. Usually I always ask for the latest that came out of the oven, no matter the topping.. ;-) Otherwise I like the simple mozzarella di bufala and tomato one or the eggplant and tomato one.

                      The problem is that with Salume and now Dominique Ansel so close it's getting harder and harder to choose a slice of pizza over one of those sandwiches or the delicacies at DA...

              4. My suggestion is to try the different style pizzas. Everything mentioned by other posters and their are many threads on this. So here's a short list of pizzas different from each other.
                1) Gran Daisy ( i just realized it's not Grand but Gran) or Sullivan St. pizza for "real" Roman style pizza and different from anyone else in this city.
                2) Co. has delicious pizza of a different style
                3) Motorino has very delicious pizza with a thinner crust than Co.
                4) Patsy's (116th St and 1st ave) for old school NY pizza ( if you can't get to Newpark in Howard Beach
                )5) Lombardi- I'll throw that in, because it used to be really good, maybe it got better again