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Julia Child Remix

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Don't know if anyone saw the Mister Rogers or Bob Ross versions, but this is great:


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  1. Awesome.

    1. I was hoping to post the link to this great video but you beat me to it!

      1. That's a supersweet Remix!

        1. This is AWESOME!!!!!

          1. Bring on the roasted potatoes!

            1. Check out the Google home page today. It is a celebration of Julia's 100th birthday.

              1. Just lovely. Bring on the roasted potatoes, indeed! Will have to find the Bob Ross one--Mr. Pine calls him Happy Little for all those happy little trees he added to his paintings.

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                1. re: pine time

                  The Bob Ross Remix was on the right-hand side list when I was watching the Julia remix this morning. :-)