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Aug 14, 2012 08:12 AM

Foodies honeymooning in Croatia need food recs.

My hubby and I are taking out first European trip together and it's our honeymoon ;)

We are going to:
Dubrovnik (4nights)
Hvar (5 nights)
Split (2 nights)
Rovinj (4 night)

If anyone could recommend restaurants for dinner both casual and fancy and then any suggestions for easier lunch options - I have heard the markets can be good places to find lunch staples ;)

Thanks foodies


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  1. Have a trawl through my previous posts on Croatian restaurants, hopefully they all still stand up. My favourites in Rovinj,

    Wine Vault at Monte Mulini.

    If you go to Pula, try the Amfiteatar restaurant next to the hotel of the same name, it is a new place and the food is excellent.

    1. Here's my post from a May trip to Split and Hvar, I hope this helps.

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      1. We own a house in Croatia and L O V E it. Anyway, will you have a rental car? The reason I ask is that there are incredibly special places that I know, especially in Istria, that you would need a car to get to.

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          We are going to Istria next month, and will have a rental car. Your recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks

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            Any places of note to go to with a car?

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              If I had to choose one restaurant in the whole region it would be Le Mandrac in Volosko. The chef Deniz Zembo is recognized as one of he best in Croatia and his interesting seasonal menus are a joy to experience.

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                I highly recommend Pepenero in Umag (not too far from Rovinj) IF you want something fun and funky. The chef staged at NOMA. He is really into molecular gastronomy and fabulous presentations. The food is delicious, too.

                For something romantic and intimate at an authentic Istrian konoba, try Toklarija at Slovinska Polje which is in the Buzet area. It is a bit tricky to get to but that is half the fun. We go there for our anniversary in the spring. It is rural and lovely. You get several courses and have no idea what is coming next. It is seasonal and showcases regional mushrooms, olive oils, prsut, cheeses, game, herbs, etc. and is wonderful. I just love it. Reservations only. It is in a very old stone building with a 600-year-old olive press inside.

                In Rovinj I'd try Blu and Monte (especially Monte). There is a very little known place called Masera you must drive to on the outskirts. It is far less expensive but still special with great presentation and ingredients. We really like it there.

                If you get to the Brtonigla area (this is all still in Istria), you must try San Rocco, Astarea and Morgan's. They are all brilliant and popular and local. We love them all and try to go to each at least once each trip. Astarea serves the best black cuttlefish ink risotto I have ever had (and I have had it a LOT).

                If you get to Vrsar, not far from Porec, (it is a lovely little seaside village, BTW) try Trost for their fish. It is fresh and good. The mussels are very plump.

                Le Mandrac is awesome as well. There are so many options!

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                  Thanks I see your comments on TA. We leave tomorrow..

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                    Have a wonderful time! You just missed some rain there that was so badly needed. Hopefully things will green up for you quickly. :-)

            2. In Split, get the pašticada and njoki at Fife. It's a hearty meat dish that is one of my all time favorite Croatian dishes. Fife is a local place not far from the ferry terminal on the opposite side of the Riva (boardwalk). Also in Split, if you're in the mood from some pizza go to Galija.

              In Rovinj, I had the most amazing venison dish at Trattoria Dream. If you happen to stop in the hilltop town of Motovun (which I recommend if logistically possible) on the way to Rovinj, my favorite is Pod Napun. They're known for their use of truffles.

              Some general things...Croatia has the best ice cream "sladoled" on the planet. Seriously. And they are like $1. Lemon is the best...Eat a cone at least once a day. Try blitva, it's like a swiss chard often served with potatoes. It's a staple national dish there. Nothing fancy, but good. If there is not "good" olive oil on the table, ask for it, they are proud of their delicious olive oil and are happy to bring out the goodstuff for you to dress your greens with, etc.

              I also recommend asking about the daily menu (dnevni meni) offering during lunchtime anywhere you go. In addition to being a good bargain, it usually tastes good and is often ordered by locals.

              Restaurants there are sometimes not serving all the delicious things the locals cook at home...if you get any opportunity to do agroturism or eat with locals - take it.

              1. On honeymoon currently in Croatia. This is a beautiful country and food is great. Istria/rovinj try monte, giannino, wine vault at monte mulina, restaurant l at hotel lone.

                Konoba mondo in motovun.

                Safari bar at rt kamenjak.

                Fosa in Zadar.

                Benevenuti winery in motovun and bibich winery in plastova are great.

                Canalletti sic, In skradin.

                Plavi podrum, tramerka, Mendraca sic in opatija

                Pojoda vis island.

                Look at taste of croatia website and secretdalmatia ...

                Enjoy !