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Aug 14, 2012 07:55 AM

Good dinner options in Holbox?

We are in Holbox afew days. Surprised at how mediocre the food is compared to other parts of Mexico we have visited. We have been going down the list of the top restaurants on trip advisor. So far mostly mediocre food. Mediocre pasta, worst grilled octapus ever, fish tacos with bland minced fish and soggy tortillas. Underseasoned, under or overcooked fish. The food here is shockingly dissapointing.
Last time we were in the yucatan I remembered vibrant brilliant food in Akumal. Any suggestions? We are tired of dissapointing dinners and have allready been to the top trip advisor places.

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  1. Have you tried the La Arena restaurant at Las Nubes? It's a bit of a walk but a pleasant one. My go-to over the years has always been Zarabanda for 2 or 3 small broiled lobster tails grilled with butter, and their ceviche. This is the slow season (and mosquito season, also, I hope you have your Deet). You won't find anything as good as Cueva del Pescador in Akumal, but there certainly should be ample fresh catch - count the tethered panga fishing boats at the end of a day. Holbox is a big supplier of fresh fish to the Cancun market.

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      Thanks Veggo. We have not been to La Arena yet, maybe we will go tomorrow. Zarabanda is our favorite, the only restaurant we like so far. We have been there two times for dinner, both excelent. I usually don't like tropical lobsters, but we had the lobster there last night and it was super fresh and delicious. The owners are very nice also. All the places have great guacamole.

    2. We are back from Holbox. The cuisine here is very Italian influenced due to the heavy presence of Italian tourists. I tend to like to stick with the local cuisine wherever I travel because it is usually the best. The Italian food we tried here was just ok and many of the trip advisor highly rated restaurants were mediocre. We never made it to La Arena but maybe next time. Two restaurants stood out for us as serving delicious food. First Zarabanda. We ate their twice. I think almost all the guacamole we tried on Holbox was excellent but the Zarabanda version was really amazing. Very creamy with parmesan cheese grated on top. We also got the Sopa de lima, one of my favorite Yucatan dishes. It was very good. Whole grilled fish, impeccably fresh served with Veracruz sauce on top. Excellent. The next time we had conch ceviche, which was excellent and grilled lobster. The lobster was extremely fresh and delicious. Our other favorite restaurant was El Chapulim. We ate their once, on our last night and wished we tried it sooner. We had grouper cooked two ways. We had grouper at another restaurant, also two different preparations and it was overcooked and bland. The grouper at El Chapulim was delicious. Perfectly prepared, moist and flavorful. Both restaurants are away from the main square but worth seeking out.