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Best Cheesecake in New York?

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I'm looking for the best New York Cheesecake. I know Lindy's is famous, but is it actually the best? Or just for tourists?

Any favorites out there?

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      1. The current Lindy's in New York has no relation to the Lindy's of old with the famous cheesecake. That Lindy's closed many decades ago.- but the name was deemed to be in the public domain- hence ther use of the name Lindy's. If you're looking for the best cheesecke or deli in New ork, you won't find it at there.
        Eileen's seems to be the favorite right now. Juniors is still famous for their cheesecake, but IMO it's been a long time since Juniors cheescake was great- these days it's mass produced by the thousands.

        1. Assuming you want non-ricotta, plain cheesecake, this might help:

          1. I never went to Lindy's back in the day when it might have been good. We rarely eat in the T.S. area but recently found ourselves there late at night and gave it a shot. I ordered a coffee and cheesecake. The cheesecake was still frozen in the middle. I complained and the waiter said: "let it sit a bit." I ate around the edges and it was mediocre at best.
            I should have known better and gone to Junior's which I have loved since the late 50's. I even had them make a huge strawberry cheese pie for my first wedding. Fabulous, still going strong and great I.M.H.O.!! The marriage is kaput but not Junior's. This year we went to New Years Eve at Prospect park. After the fireworks my trophy wife said: "Let's get a bite to eat." I said: "I know just the place!" It was a beautiful night so we walked down Flatbush Ave to DeKalb and had our first meal of 2012. Pastrami sammich, egg cream, vanilla malted all topped off with a nice slice of strawberry cheesecake.
            Eileens is also terrific. The last time I was there Eileen was working the counter. Very nice woman and dedicated to her cheesecakes!!

            1. Eileen's, by default. Or S & S. Both pretty good but not better than you can probably whip up in your own kitchen after one or two tries. Junior's sucks. There is no longer any orgasmic cheesecake in NYC.

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                I agree, at home you can do better than Eileen's. But for store bought I lean toward Eileen

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                  I love S&S too. And for the OP, if you can't get to the Bronx, they can often be found at Zabar's.

                2. My preference is for Junior's, which is denser and creamier than Eileen's. Both are very good, but they have different textures.

                  I don't think Lindy's has been known for it's cheesecake (or anything else) since before my mother was born. The current incarnation of Lindy's is run by the Riese Organization--the same company that runs KFC, Tim Horton's and Taco Bell franchises in NYC--and bears no resemblance to the original.

                  1. Two Little Red Hens has my favorite cheesecake in Manhattan, and the birthday cakes and cupcakes there are great too.

                    1. Now if you want real cheesecake, that is Italian Cheesecake go Venererio Pasrty Shop on E 11th Street. Eat in or take out. The key is to eat the cheesecake at room temperature. Find me a better Italian Cheesecake...let me know.

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                        Ahem! No comment is necessary from me about Veniero's except that I gave up on them years ago, but you have the temerity to insult New York cheesecake by saying that "real cheesecake...is Italian Cheesecake"? Them's fighting words! I would never argue in Napoli that only New York cheesecake is real. That in reverse is what you're doing, and it's kind of ridiculous.

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                          Absolutely agree Veniero's was past it's day over a decade ago and now tastes no better than any other cake manufactured for a long shelf and shipping life. I'm still willing to hear where the best FRESH ricotta cheesecake can be found. As you say, it's a different animal than NYC cake-but a good and worthy animal.

                      2. I like the dense NY style cheese cakes at Carnegie Deli. I've been eating at other places when I get the chance, but I haven't found any I like better.