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Aug 14, 2012 07:05 AM

Restaurants that AREN'T doing Restaurant Week?

Yes, yes, I know I could go look at the page and see who doesn't appear, but I'm hoping that some of you may have good tips for spots that aren't running RW. Having a thread with ideas in one spot would be nice! My husband and I generally (although not always) find that service is subpar (servers often run ragged b/c its so busy), food uninspired and the restaurants are jammed to the point of annoying, so we tend to want to avoid it.

So, for example, I know that Clio doesn't do RW (although Uni does). West Bridge and Bondir are other possibles.

Others you all know of?

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  1. Menton. Best service in town, year-round.

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    1. re: nasilemak

      According to their website Menton is in:

      "Summer Restaurant Week at Menton
      August 19-24 and August 26-31

      In honor of Boston's Summer Restaurant Week, Menton will present two dinner menu offerings for your enjoyment:

      three course menu, 52 per person
      wine pairing, 34
      five course tasting menu, 72 per person
      wine pairing, 54"

    2. Trattoria Toscana. Neptune Oyster.

      1. Dali in Somerville never does Restaurant Week.

        1. All restaurants in Jamaica Plain.

          1. M3, Redbones, Machu Piccu, The Independent, Olde Magouns, Dali - all favorites in Somerville that don't participate.