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Aug 14, 2012 05:15 AM

Battersby screwed me, need restaurant suggestion ASAP

Made a reservation at Battersby back in late June for my husbands' 60th birthday, which is today. I had a back and forth dialogue with them and it was set . We never ate there and after all the press and reviews thought it would be a good choice. We live in the Rockaways, so have to travel for good food anyway. I decided to confirm yesterday since I had a gut feeling they would forget. Well, they did. They said they are sorry but decided to close today for an event. Nice, right? When were they going to tell me? When I got there tonight? If you have an event scheduled, even last minute, you have at least 2 days notice. No compensation just an offer to do it another day. Like he turns 60 everyday. So here I am trying to find somewhere to bring him. I thought Sauls, but they are closed on Tuesday. Been to Osteria Convivium several times and Lot 2 is good, but always go there.Applewood's menu doesn't thrill me, but maybe I am being too judgmental. My daughter suggested Aurora and Traif. He doesn't like tappas cause he likes more quantity but I think Traif is different, am I right? He doesn't like pretentious places so I usually opt to bring my daughter's to Restaurant Week places. For example, while he appreciated the food at the new Nomad Hotel, he was hungry with the RW menu. But we are foodies and eat most types of food, with Indian being a favorite. Please help! PS. He saw Traif's menu and seemed to like it cause it's different.

Thanks for any help!

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  1. I took my father (in his 60s, more than half of that spent in the restaurant business) to Traif last summer when he was in town. i thought the food was great, he felt like the vibe was excessively young/hipster/loud for him.

    i dont get portion size complaints when it comes to small plates, unless they are value-related. worried about not getting enough food? order more plates. people who feel like they should walk out with a smaller check because the portions are smaller are silly, but people who can't ask their server how many dishes they should order are just odd (taking issue with having to order 6+ dishes per person may be a valid point).

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      I know 60 sounds old but he (we) are young at heart and don't feel awkward in young places. I do like the menu and will ask how many dishes to get for two people. Thanks for the input.

    2. Just looked at Applewood's menu, which has changed since last month. Looks better to me. Anyone been there lately? Is it wow or just okay?

      1. If Battersby sounded good to you I recommend either Colonie or Seersucker, heartily. I wouldn't call them pretentious but some might - a more traditional place that is no less good is Locanda Vini e Olii in Fort Greene.

        Colonie does not take reservations, though you shouldn't need to wait much or at all on a Tuesday. Food is fantastic and lots of choices small and large.

        I've eaten at Seersucker a couple of times and been quite happy with it. They take reservations through opentable, and there is availability tonight.

        Locanda Vini e Olii - outstanding italian in an adorable old pharmacy setting. also take reservations, also availability tonight online.

        Enjoy, happy birthday to your husband!

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          He has been to Seersucker already. I tried calling The Grocery, but they are on vacation. I was thinking about Locanda Vini e Olii. Will check out the menu again. Same for Colonie, as I am new to that one. Thanks

          1. re: scanmike

            Try Govenor in Dumbo. It is by the people who run Colonie, but they take reservations unlike Colonie. It is a very nice space and lovely food.

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              Of all the places mentioned (and open) I would suggest Loconda Vini e Olii because, in addition to the high quality food, it's old pharmacy decor is pretty unique and appropriate to a special dinner. Another place to look at is the new incarnation of A Bistro on Dekalb Ave in Fort Greene. Also highly rated places that I have not been to in Williamsburg: Reynard in the new Wythe Hotel and Gwynnett St. on Graham Ave.

          2. Lots of good suggestion. I will add one more Jack the Horse. Nothing too fancy but I think the food has always been solid and the service very good. Nice room and they take reservations.


            One other thought - since you're coming from the Rockaways to the Smith Street/Dumbo/Height area, why not go into Manhattan? Plenty of nice downtown places showing room tonight on opentable.

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              He drives around all day and hates driving in Manhattan, and parking is always an issue. I suggested it, but he rather stay in Brooklyn. Applewood would be the closest but some love it and some don't so I think we will stay with Traif. But I have a new list of places to try, thanks to everyone.

              1. re: scanmike

                Hope you had a fine dinner. I understand not wanting to drive around if you do it all day. One observation to make though is that if you are downtown after business hours, the streets are empty and street parking is not hard at all. I do it all the time.

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                  Went to Traif, and while it may not have been the most ideal place for a special birthday, the food was delicious and creative. My husband said it was a "beautiful meal". He thoroughly enjoyed it and made sure he wasn't leaving hungry by ordering 6 plates and we had two desserts. The only negative is that they didn't have their much touted strawberry cinnamon glazed ribs on the menu. But everything else was delicious. Thanks to all for helping.