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Aug 14, 2012 04:43 AM

Bun Cha - Vietnamese in Exmouth Market [London]

I wanted to like this place, since it's 10 minutes from my flat, but I wouldn't go back since Cay Tre/Kingsland Rd places as well as Banh Mi Bay are also close and way better. Prawn summer Roll claimed to have coriander, but I didn't taste it or get that hit from the herbs you get at Cay Tre's summer rolls, which I think are the best I've had. The rice paper wrapper was too soft and the whole thing was too loosely wrapped & fell apart. You only get 2 halves for £3.75, not good value as you usually get 2 for that at other restaurants. The peanut sauce that came with was ok, but I asked for hoisin because I prefer it. I also had Bun Cha with pork (pork and vermicelli) and it was a small portion for £5.50- pork was nicely flavoured but a bit fatty, and not enough salad and "pickle," which was carrot. A shame because I was looking forward to a nearby place. I need to get to Deptford to try JFores's recommendations.

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  1. Anyone else tried it? Pho looked ok waling by today, but was too keen on healthy living to try it (tomorrow is another day though).

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      Yep I have and I love it. They have recently extended the menu, I had the aubergine and tofu curry yesterday and it was a big portion, I couldn't finish it. I also love their Vietnamese coffee, a real treat. I usually have the Bun Cha and I think it's great, not sure why there's a complaint above. I think it's fresh, filling and delicious. Once I didn't think there was enough dressing, so I asked for a bit more and was very kindly given another bowl of it. Really love this place and have been back several times. Give it a try. Also check out the reveiws on allinlondon, people who've been to Vietnam state this is very authentic. Hope this is helpful.