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Italian Sausage

I was looking for a thread where some brands of Italian sausage were mentioned but couldn't find it. Premio is the brand you see most in supermarkets. But another brand was mentioned that I am looking for. But I forget the name. Only that it's made in Clifton and is the sausage served at many Boardwalk stands including Midway in Seaside Heights. Anyone recall the brand? Recently I had a brand of sausage called Torino that was very good. Don't know if it's available in stores. A friend who drives a truck for a distributor gave me some.

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  1. The sausage that was used on the Boardwalk for many years is Lipari's in Hawthorne. I believe they were in Clifton at one point.


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        I can't forget them. I grew up on 'em.

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          Not a fan of Lipari's....it always seems too salty and dry for my tastes and I prefer a finer grind. In recent months, I have been trying the Chicken Sausages available and I thought the Premio choices were pretty good. I also tried Patsy"s brand and it was very bland and dry. I have given up on Turkey sausages.....

          With regards to Lipari.....I boycotted them for over 10 years until a few years ago. I just could not purchase their products after reading about the antics of the former Mayor and how he evaded taxes by gifting the company to his teenage children....

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          Best Italian sausage in bergen county is melas mkt which is on passaic st in garfield,but not sure there didnt just close shop,Also Visentinis on union st in lodi,puts premios to shame [imo]

      2. Just to mention.... Premio is really Johnsonville, the people who make the Bratwurst. Not sure if it all comes from Wisconsin.

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          Did Johnsonville recently purchase Premio? Premio, originally was the Garden State Sausage Company and family owned.

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            Coming from the immediate area that Premio is made, I'd be curious to know/see what tells me it's really J-ville. Nothing on the website. Do you have any info to share? If they ARE J-ville, that's the end of my Premio purchases.

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              After Fourunder's reponse, I looked at the J-ville website myself. I swear I can remember that they used have J-ville and Premio products on their website - but not now. I did take a look at the picture of their non-pork sausages and thought the label looks similary to premio's non pork sausage lable.

              If I find any other proof, I will post it. Maybe looking at financial statements for too many years has finally gotten to me.

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              Premio Foods, Inc. is a family-owned business located in Northern New Jersey. Originally named the Garden State Sausage Company and then became Premio Foods, Inc. in the 90’s. Premio Foods has never been associated with Johnsonville in any way. Furthermore, Johnsonville never purchased Premio Foods, Inc.; they are two entirely separate companies and remain that way.

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                Does the old man still hit the bulk candy at the market?

              2. Hey Hotdoglover.........I don't know the name or brand.....but Delicous Orchards in Colts Neck NJ sells what they call "Spicy Dog's" which is just a hot dog with crushed red pepper seeds ground into the meat. (So I assume)......but I have to tell you out of all the hot dogs I have ever eaten this dog for both the flavor of the meat and the spice is above and beyond the best hot dog I have ever had. Are you familiar with them.......and if so may I ask your opinion.

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                  jrvedivici, I haven't been to Delicious Orchards, but I have had a similar hot dog to what you described. About 5 years ago I bought a pack of Grote & Weigel spicy hot dogs that had the red pepper seeds. Different, but a little spicy for my taste.

                2. Fourunder , I know what your talking about with the father " Mayor Joe" but the son Jimmy and daughter Annie I knew back in the day and they were very nice people. I wonder if they are involved in the buisness these days.

                  I have to admit Foodtown in Cedar Grove is my favorite Italian sauage these days

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                    The sins of our father....nice to hear the kids did not follow their father's lead. I should add that the gifting was perfectly legal as I understand it....but he never gave up control of the companies. The issue for me was his shake down of towing operators.

                    The Paramus ShopRite, the store I frequent most, makes their own sausage daily...but they too grind coarsely and are a little too bland in seasoning for my tastes. Whenever I shop an Italian market, if I see in-store made sausage, I always five it a try. The only one I have found I like is Valente's in Fairview.

                  2. Jr, I don't go to D.O that frequently but i will check out those dogs.

                    Anyone ever get links from sabatos in Middletown/belford? I am not a sausage connoisseur but i can tell my way around a good one. Premio is garbage.

                    Off on my annual maine lobster run tmrw.....be back next week. Ttyl

                    1. They serve Premio at Yankee Stadium, mediocre at best.

                      1. I never really thought of a mass produced brand name sausage as good. I always prefer mine from my local pork store preferably A&S in Brooklyn or Pastosa in Staten Island. When I can't get back to the mother country, I settle for what I can get at Livatti's on 34. The best I had is a Pork Store in Monroe, they make them in the store, though the name escapes me now.

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                          I also like Livotti's on 34. Do you know there is a Pastosa on Union Hill Road, just about a mile past Rt 9.

                          Is there sausage that good? I really like the provolone and parsley sausage they make at Livottis, but the last time I had it, it was not that good.

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                            You might want to also try A & S Pork store in Woodland Park (used to be called W. Patterson) on Browertown Road, just off rte 46. They have amazing sausages...all made in house. As good as I remember getting back in the day in the Bronx.

                            The brand other than Premio that I see in the local supermarkets is Appetito, which used to be ok, but now has MSG so I steer clear of it. A truly good sausage using great ingredients never needs MSG. (besides am one of those who get the MSG headache)

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                              joestein - I do know that Pastosa all too well. I had an incident there and will never shop there again. They nearly ruined a holiday for my family and instead of trying to make it right, they were obnoxious and less than gracious about it. Regarding their sausage - I am not sure if it is made on site.

                              I am not sure where Woodland Park is, going to have to google it but A&S is awesome. There is one in Millstone to worth trying, just a bit out of the way for me.

                              Also, I have not had sausage but there is a great butcher by the Belford Bistro, that might be a good place to try too

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                              You are thinking of Bella Italia in Monroe?

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                                Thats one......Bella Italia......pretty good imho

                            3. We used to enjoy ShopRites store made .

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                                  For the price it's good quality IMO - even better when it is on sale for 1.99/lb.

                              1. My favorite place for sausage...or to buy from places that are selling theirs is...Salumeria Biellese in Hackensack. I've bought many other things from them as well -- other meats, cured, fresh, etc. and things. All top notch IMO.

                                They "do it" and "do it right" and "do it very well" -- and whatever they are doing...I'm in. For my tastes, likes, flavor, etc. -- they produce some excellent sausages.

                                Here's a story on them...


                                And here's a website...


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                                  lived in Hackensack for 6 years - cant believe I never heard of this place! thanks ELA. it looks like they are only wholesale though? If not, I would stop by today and pick up some stuff...

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                                    They are not only wholesale, but that's a discussion for another time. Call them and talk to them. You'll be fine...and you'll enjoy it...

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                                      They've opened a retail store at the plant?

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                                        Is there messaging on this board? If so, shoot me a message...if not, can you get me your email address? Thanks.