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Aug 13, 2012 09:50 PM

Lusting for Porchetta...

I have a sudden craving because I was reading about Roti Roli in SF and that looks AMAZING. Preferably in sandwich form, but at this point I'll take anything...My favorite one had been the one at Fundamental LA, but who knows when it's going to be back on the menu. Same can be said for the one at Mozza2Go.

I heard Sotto does a good one at lunchtime. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Porchetta at Roli Roti is just for show. I found it a bit dry. If you want to torture yourself, look up Cotogna's version.

    Not sure why porchetta hasn't caught on yet down here. There was a rumor that Scarpetta was doing them at Sunday brunch but it has been noticeably absent from recent brunch reports.

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      1. re: wienermobile

        How was it?! Was the skin crispy and delicious? The meat inside juicy and not dried out?

        Didn't see it on Kevineats' most recent report and JL hasn't put up a photo essay of it yet (hint, hint, wink) so I had feared the worst.

        Maybe we can make it the first "Dish of the Month"?

        1. re: Porthos

          It was carved to order and juicy but the skin could of been a bit crisper for me.

      2. re: Porthos

        Two weeks ago as well. There was no crsp skin at all and I thought it was was my first taste of porchetta but I am a pork fanatic. I didn't get it.

        1. re: Porthos

          "Porchetta at Roli Roti is just for show."
          Well I think Thomas Odermat makes one of the best sandwiches ANYWHERE!!! His porchetta sandwich ordered 'dirty' has always been very juicy with crispy edges and wonderful porky/herb flavor on a great bun. Next time I'm in S.F. I'll try the pork loin at Cotogna's but I so wish that you or other hounds would point me towards an L.A. equivalent especially in a more casual environment, not a dress up with reservations required pretentious Westside Italian.

          1. re: sel

            I'd rather make reservations at a restaurant than have to stand in line for 30-45 minutes waiting for porchetta at Roli Roti.

            Sounds like Mozza2go is your best bet if it ever pops back up on the menu. Maybe if enough people call asking about it? Maybe they'll do porchetta as a theme dinner for a Mangiare in Famiglia event?

            See Servorg's recommendation below for Angelini Osteria if you get desperate enough to make reservations. Although that version says it's "porchetta" of leg as opposed to the loin wrapped in the belly.

            1. re: Porthos

              Yeah, I wouldn't wait 45 min. either. I've usually waited 15 min. or so max.
              I'll check Mozza2Go very soon and probably Angelini Osteria, thanks for that.

              1. re: sel

                On a beautiful summer Saturday last at 1 PM the wait was about 15 mins and the sandwich was devine. I like Mozza2Go's porchetta sandy very much but not as much as that one.

                1. re: Ciao Bob

                  When I was there in April the line went all way back to the flower stand on the corner. This was around noon.

                  There was practically no line at Cowgirl (unheard of). I got myself a Mess Piggy from Boccalone, a few stinky cheeses from Cowgirl, and spent the next 4 hours at Wine Merchant.

                  Give me the Mess Piggy any day.

              2. re: Porthos

                The porchetta at angelini looks nothing like the one at Cotogna.

                1. re: ns1

                  Nope. Sure doesn't. Like I said, it's "porchetta" of leg vs belly wrapped around loin.

              3. re: sel

                Our porchetta was beautiful from the Roli Roti at Ferry Building farmer's market...gotta get it there because we tried it also at the Daly City FM and it wasn't the same. The one from Ferry Building was moist, flavorful (yes dirty style) with a succulent crispy skin. Didn't have to wait that long either. Got it in 15 minutes!

                1. re: trvlcrzy

                  Had the Roli Roti back to back with Cotogna. Cotogna wins easily. The suckling pig version is about on par with the Roli Roti version. A bit fancier with walnuts and sage in the middle.

            2. Locanda del Lago does a ""Morso della Bestia" series. - the chef focuses on one animal and various parts.of that animal.

              This was the main course...

              Pork Shoulder, Shitake, Portobello, Porcini, Farro "Mantecato"
              Secondo"Porchetta" Slow-Cooked Whole Pig, Deboned & Flavored with Fennel Pollen, Baby Carrots & Pink Lady Apples

              Get on their email list and you should be able to get a heads up for the next time. I've been to a couple of these and they're pretty great. The porchetta was awfully good.

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              1. re: foodiemahoodie

                Great heads up! Thanks.

                Do they usually occur during a certain day of the week or is it variable?

                1. re: Porthos

                  The series is usually on a Thursday - but it might be over for now. Check their website, shoot them an email.

                2. re: foodiemahoodie

                  Made it to the suckling pig dinner tonight. Excellent deal. 5 courses for $49. We brought our own wines. Everything was delicious but not gonna lie, I was starving afterwards.

                  -pork loin with horseradish and frisée. Loin was delicious. A bit heavy handed with the horseradish which overwhelmed the way too much wasabi overwhelms sushi. Still, very tasty.

                  -pork shoulder with broccolini soup (missing picture)

                  -rigatoni with spiced pork. The spice was identical to corned beef spices. Interesting twist.

                  -suckling pig porchetta with fennel. Mine was tender and delicious roasted pork. My companions were not as fortunate and got slightly dry portions. Tasty but no Cotogna porchetta.

                  -strawberries with vanilla ice cream. Nice ending

                  Solid deal.

                    1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                      Sorry. Yes. Locana Del Lago in Santa Monica

                    2. re: Porthos

                      Might have to try this.

                      Also need to try The Factory Kitchen's version, as well as Angelini Osteria's (still haven't tried it after all this time). A Cut Above apparently has it available on the regular too. And Bucato has the porchetta from the truck days on Mondays. Porchetta renaissance?

                      1. re: chrishei

                        Factory Kitchen's version is similar to this. Tender braised pork. No crispy skin. Step in the right direction. No renaissance.

                  1. I did not really like the porchetta sandwich at Sotto--I went in with hight hopes since I have liked my dinners there but found the sandwich to be dry and chewy, without much flavor. Conversely, the Mozza2Go version was ethereal and I fervently wish it would return to the menu.

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                    1. re: New Trial

                      I worked the Giada event at LAFW last week and the Sotto Porchetta was honestly the best food of the night!
                      FYI if you were interested the best wine of the night was hands down the 1999 Billecart Salmon "Elisabeth Salmon" Rose Champagne. Hoo boy, must have gone back for seconds and thirdsies.

                      1. re: jdwdeville

                        I love Billecart Salmon! Where can I find that bottle, jdwdeville?? Thanks so much in advance!

                      2. re: New Trial

                        We were disappointed it wasn't available when we visited Sotto, so my husband tried the pork belly sandwich, which was nothing to write about. Wished we could have tried the porchetta. La Bottega Marino had one on the menu & counter when we tried them last year, recollection is it was also nothing great, a bit dried out.

                      3. Sotto's porchetta at events has always been great, but I never tried it at the resto.
                        Best I've had is at Vincente but it is not always available. They do it on pizza and as a dish on Mondays fairly regularly.

                        1. I tried the Porchetta & Egg sandwich at Industriel last weekend. It had a lot of good flavors, but I found the porchetta itself to be too fatty (flabby rather than unctuous). I prefered Mozza2Go's version.